What kind of testing do your cables go through?

All of our III and V Series 1.5 and 2.5 HDMI cables are premium certified through and conform to the 2.0b specifications. We are relentless in our pursuit to optimize data transfer rate, resolution, and framerate to the highest possible standard. Every inch of every cable is tested. And while our 5-meter cables go through the same testing procedure, does not offer certification for active cables, but rest assured they are built to the highest possible quality standard. 

Austere audio cables are built to our highest quality standards and are rigorously tested for noise filtering, signal strength, construction, and audio format optimization. We are passionate about providing you an impeccable level of quality and performance. Always.

All of our cables are stylish and sleek and every design choice we make reflects our relentless commitment to performance and safety.

Are your products rated for outdoor use?

No, our products are not rated for nor recommend for outdoor use.

Are your products rated for in-wall installation?

No, our products are not rated for nor recommended for in-wall installation.

Why would I need your cables if I can get one for $5?

The quality of the cables that you use is just as important as the quality of the devices you are connecting. If you have a 4K television, you want to make sure that the HDMI cable you’re using to connect it to your 4K cable box or media player is also capable of transferring all of that data at an optimal, HDMI certified level. Otherwise, you are not going to experience true 4K. The same concept applies to your audio devices.

Our cables are built for quality, and they are built to last. We are so committed to this that we back them with a lifetime guarantee to never break and never fail. A $5 cable is not only not protected for life, but it’s also quite likely to break or fail.


What’s the difference between the III series and V series HDMI cables?

Aesthetically, each series is designated by its color accent, and right now we have copper accents for the III Series and sapphire blue for the V Series. The V Series features 30 micro inch hard gold contacts (ten times more than any of our competitors), compared with the 15 micro inches on the III Series, ensuring a higher quality signal that will last for a longer period of time. In addition, the V Series features our LinkFit Locking Connector to help secure the physical connection between your devices and prevent accidental disconnection. All of our HDMI cables are protected by our Kevlar Woven Armor; however, the V series has a bit more tensile strength because we also reinforced the inside of the cable with Kevlar. Finally, the silver-plated conductors on the V series will help to improve audio performance.

What is an Active HDMI cable? Why do I need it?

As cable lengths increase, the signal they carry decreases in strength. An active cable contains built-in electronic components that help to push the signal in longer cables. This boost ensures that the signal quality of our 5 meter HDMI cables is just as good as our 1.5 meter and 2.5 meter cable lengths.

 Are your cables one directional?

The 5 meter HDMI cables are one directional. The source and TV connectors are clearly labeled on the ends of the cable. (Note: the end that says “TV” can also be connected to any display including a computer monitor, projector, or other HDMI-compatible display).

Do you have any 8K HDMI cables?

We’re excited to announce that Austere now sells 8K HDMI cables! Learn more about them here

What are the specifications of your 8K HDMI cables?

Austere 8K HDMI 2.1 cable is distinctly engineered to meet the highest standards of 8K UHD specifications, including a bandwidth of 48 Gbps and can carry resolutions up to 10K and 8K60, 4K120 frame rates. Our Pure Gold Contacts, Oxygen Free Copper and Silver Plated Conductors won’t erode over time, which ensures a lifetime of peak performance. 

Will I notice a difference using a standard HDMI cable and a 4K HDMI cable on my 4K TV?

Yes. Not all cables can handle the data transfer rate required to sustain a true 4k picture. Only certification label ensures that your cables will maintain that 4K@60hz quality.

What are the benefits of HDMI vs other kinds of AV connections?

HDMI has become the standard for the majority of AV products due to its effectiveness and easy installation. It can boast up to 4k resolution at 60hz, outperforming the now outdated and clunky composite cable by leaps and bounds. The have similar capabilities to Display Port (DP) cables, but HDMI is more widespread, as DP is more focused on computer monitors.

Aren't all HDMI cables the same? 

Our III and V Series 1.5 meter and 2.5 meter HDMI cables are premium certified by Because HDMI certification requires high quality performance, you can expect nothing less than a pristine signal when you use Austere cables. Not all HDMI cables on the market are certified, but we hold ourselves to this high standard of performance. Always.

What is the gbps bandwidth on the V Series 4K HDMI cables?

All Austere HDMI cables support 18 Gbps bandwidth, in addition to 4K@60FPS, HDR, and ARC. Also, all are spec'd to an certified level, so you can rest assured that you're going to get the highest quality connection available when you use our cables.

What is High Fidelity Arc?

ARC (audio return channel) is essentially a 2-way communication between devices over a single HDMI connection. It simplifies setup and allows your TV and audio equipment to “talk to each other.” For example, you don't need a remote for the TV and another for your soundbar, ARC will allow you to control both with 1 remote. ARC also enhances audio performance in streaming applications.

What does premium certified cable mean, is that important?

All of our III and V Series 1.5 and 2.5 HDMI cables are premium certified through and conform to the 2.0b specifications. Because HDMI certification requires high quality performance, you can expect nothing less than a pristine signal when you use Austere HDMI cables. Not all HDMI cables on the market are HDMI certified, but Austere holds itself to this high standard of performance. Always.


Do you sell your speaker cable in smaller spools?

We currently only offer the 100ft spools of speaker cable.

Why do I need an optical cable?

Optical cables offer faster data transfer between your source and audio devices, which generally means there will be little-to-no lag or delay, and the signal itself is clearer and less “noisy” than other cables. Additionally, they are smaller and easier to route between your devices due to their pliability.

Why do the optical cables have "Pure Gold connectors" if it is a light transmission cable? 

It is true that the actual data transmission is done using light so normal electrical contacts which require gold for a reliable connection, are not used. However, we use cast metal housings for extended durability and to maintain the look and style of all of our V Series cables. The gold coating keeps the surface looking beautiful and will not allow any corrosion over time in high humidity environments. Dedicated to much more than just value and functionality, we are committed to creating products that are designed with intent, from the superior materials to the injection of colors. aDesign is the consistent standard upon which our design team honors and respects these core values.

Can I purchase your banana jacks in larger packs?

Currently, we only offer packs of 2 pair (4 total) banana jacks for purchase. We may offer larger packs if there is an increased demand for it.

I’m having trouble plugging in my optical audio cable, it doesn’t seem to fit. Help?

Out of the box, Austere optical audio cables come with a protective lens cap on the tip of the connector. Be sure to remove the cap before you plug it in.


What's the difference between V and VII Series Power?

There are three main upgrades when you choose VII Series Power over the V Series. The first is 4000 Joules of protection, as opposed to 3000. Joules are the protective layer of energy found inside power sources that defend your system's components. Over the life of the unit, these Joules will negate electrical surges that randomly come through your home. After years of providing protection, the Joules will get used up. Once they are depleted, your components will be left unguarded, so the more Joules the better. The second upgrade is the addition of Isolated Pure Filtration. Each pair of outlets has its own noise filter, isolating the pairs from each other, so there's no noise cross talk. i.e. Imagine the hum/buzz that you may hear from an amplifier or subwoofer impacting your TV's picture. Isolated Pure Filtration takes that out of the equation. This is unheard of in a power strip at this price point. Third, the VII Series Power has one USB-C 45 watt Power Delivery port. Many laptops, displays, tablets, etc. use USB-C as a power source and 45 watt is the magic number. You hit 45 watt and you can power anything that can use USB-C PD.

How long is the cord on your Power products?

The cable on our Power products is 6 ft long. The cable is very pliable and easy to route, bend, and hide.

Can I mount your Power strips on my wall?

Yes! There are two (2) mounting brackets on the back of the power strip.

Are your power products tested?

Austere Power products are built and tested to the highest safety and performance standards. The certification process is extensive, and it’s difficult to meet even the minimum requirements. Austere exceeds all of them. Always.


What are the ingredients in your Clean & Protect spray bottle? Is it safe for my family and pets?

Safety is a number one priority for us. Our Clean & Protect solution is made from a proprietary water-based blend. And while it is uniquely non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, and generally totally safe for you and your family, we do not recommend ingesting it or getting it in contact with your eyes.

Does your Clean & Protect come with a rag?

Clean & Protect comes with a dual-sided microfiber cloth; one side for clearing dust and debris, and the other side for polishing and buffing your screens to perfection.

Should I wash my Clean & Protect microfiber cloth?

Yes, it’s important to clean your Clean & Protect microfiber cloth after every use. Attempting to clean a screen with a dirty cloth will potentially scratch or otherwise damage your screen.

Wash it by hand, or in the washing machine, with warm water. DO NOT machine dry your cloth, let it air dry.

If you did put your cloth in the dryer, wash it again and let air dry.

I lost my Clean & Protect cleaning pad, do you sell replacements?

We do not sell replacement microfiber cloth at this time.



How much does shipping cost when I order through

Standard USPS, UPS Ground, and FedEx Ground shipping rates apply based on location.

How can I track my order?

Your tracking information will be provided in an email confirmation that is sent automatically after you submit your order.

What shipping providers do you use?

Currently, we use USPS, UPS Ground, and FedEx Ground to ship our products.

Can I request expedited shipping?

Not today, but we will be adding this option soon!

I don't live in the USA, how much does shipping cost when I order through

Standard USPS, UPS, and DHL shipping rates apply based on location, there is also a small fee assessed to cover the cost of paperwork and handling for preparing the shipment.  All taxes and duties are the responsibility of the recipient. 


How do I register my product?

Simply go to, click Register Your Product, complete the form, and click Register when finished.

How can I submit a review for your product?

Austere welcomes reviews of our products on your favorite social media platform. Additionally, you can review our products directly on Simply navigate to the info page for your favorite product and click Write A Review. We appreciate your feedback.

How do I return or exchange my product?

Please contact the retailer where you purchased your Austere product for information on their return & exchange policy. If you purchased your product from, please contact customer support by sending an email to or by calling +1 (800) 503-1037; please have your product model and serial number at the ready.