Enhanced Gaming Experience

Enhance your gaming experience with smoother gameplay, reduced input lag, higher refresh rates, and better overall visual quality

enhanced gaming experience


Investing in an 8K HDMI cable ensures compatibility with future devices and content. As technology advances, more devices, gaming consoles, and streaming services will support 8K resolution. Upgrading now ensures you're ready for the future.

Where do I start?

Higher quality and reliability is what this cable is known for. With faster data transfer, higher resolution support, improved visual quality, and higher refresh rates, you'll see an immediate upgrade to your gaming experience.

Austere HDMI VII series cable
Austere power

What's next?

Protect your gaming investment with an Austere 4-outlet surge protector. With Isolated Pure Filtration, your system will perform better and last longer; making this the perfect next step to enhance your setup.

Wrap it up with...

Now that you have your new Austere equipment, Clean & Protect completes your gaming setup. With the included dual-sided cloth, you'll see every nuance on the screen for a crystal clear immersive gameplay.

Austere clean and protect
austere HDMI

VII Series 8K HDMI

Why Upgrade to 8K?

Get a more in depth look at why this is our most recommended cable for gaming below

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Don't take our word for it


This is the first HDMI cable I have used that completely meets the LG 75UH6550 Ultra spec. What an absolutely amazing difference. There is no comparison to the speed and 4k refresh rate.


I was using a different spray for years that was causing streaks no matter what I did. It was more of a haze, but my screens look brand new after using this! This brand makes exceptional cables, the screen cleaner is next level as well.


Impressively boxed and packaged. Glad to have this for my office, it does a great job cleaning all my devices and leaving them protected. I use it on my phone, tablet, computer screens and even keyboard. Now I need another bottle for home! I like it and recommend.


Great and fast HDMI cable. Smooth connection from my Xbox one to my 8K TV. Highly recommend.