About Us

Austere, a women-owned technology accessories brand, is dedicated to crafting exquisitely designed, technologically superior products that empower and enhance your life. From high-performance power solutions to impeccable cables and innovative cleaning products, Austere symbolizes the intersection of flawless minimalist design and advanced technology, redefining the world of technology accessories. Proudly designed in the USA, Austere products seamlessly integrate into your home ecosystem, creating a natural synergy between style and technology.

What truly sets Austere apart is our unwavering commitment to developing a new era of products that offer elegant and innovative ways to connect with your electronic devices. Austere’s relentless pursuit of excellence drives us to be More Than Expected. Always. 

Austere products

Our Beginning Starts with Experience
Austere's inception in 2019 by founder & CEO Deena Ghazarian, a trailblazer in the consumer technology industry, underscores our dedication to customer-centric values. Deena and a team of industry veterans who share her passion to reshape consumer expectations for accessories.

aDesign Sets Us Apart
Austere’s core lies in the aDesign philosophy – an ethos that extends beyond value and functionality, focusing on the creation of purposeful products using premium materials. Austere believes in the quality of its products and is so resolute that we back them with a lifetime guarantee, ensuring that Austere perpetually meets and exceeds your expectations.

Austere aDesign

Women Owned Business
Meet the woman behind it all, Austere founder & CEO Deena Ghazarian. An acclaimed business executive with over 25 years of experience leading consumer technology and fashion brands. As the Founder and CEO of Austere, she has embraced entrepreneurship to forge a new path.

Deena Ghazarian CEO

Guided by Deena's vision, the entire Austere team is dedicated to introducing sleek design and unparalleled performance to the market. Deena's profound expertise in manufacturing, sales, and marketing, coupled with her enduring passion for style, propels Austere to establish a unique and exceptional presence in the consumer technology sector. This commitment to aesthetics is ingrained in every facet of Austere, from impeccably designed products to exquisite packaging, guaranteeing an unrivaled customer experience.

Our Team
The Austere team comprises a dynamic group of industry veterans, each bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. This collective commitment to our mission, marrying sleek design with unparalleled performance, shines through in every aspect of our products, from their initial conception to the final execution. The Austere team is the cornerstone of our unwavering dedication to reshaping the consumer electronics industry and delivering an unmatched customer experience.

Austere Team