At Austere we recognize that nearly every aspect of our business affects the environment and are committed to reducing our impact wherever possible.


Austere products are made with high quality materials for performance and durability. Our Power units offer six times the protection of standard power strips and our HDMI and audio cables are designed for years of peak performance. Investing in quality today minimizes the need to purchase replacement products and curtails future waste. 

Austere Products

Our team is constantly looking for ways to develop a superior packaging solution. Our boxes are a non-plastic alternative to the industry standard; they were intentionally designed to be re-purposed to lessen the likelihood of them ending up at recycling plant or landfill. We have also taken steps to reduce the amount of materials used.

Austere Box Re-Use

We have close relationships with our manufacturing partners to ensure not only that our products exceed quality standards, but that they are produced in accordance with best labor practices. 

Austere Manufacturing

Electronics should not be put in the trash. If your electronics are no longer usable, they should be dropped off at an electronics collection site for proper disposal. You can use the Consumer Technology Association's Recycle Locator to find a drop off location near you. If you have electronics that are still usable, we recommend donating them to an organization, program or charity that you support. For additional recycling and donation resources visit the US Environmental Protection Agency

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