Innovator Deena Ghazarian

Austere was founded in June 2019 by long-time consumer technology executive Deena Ghazarian. The goal was to develop high-performance home theater accessories combined with a consummate sense of style. The company’s products follow the motto of: More than Expected.
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Austere Joins ProSource As New Vendor

The Unique Technology Accessories Brand Provides High-Performance, Stylish Power Strips, Cables, and Device Cleaning Products

ProSource, the largest audio, video, and integration buying group in the United States, today announced the addition of Austere as a new 2020 vendor partner.

Austere, headquartered in Portland, Oregon, was created to fill the gap in the technology accessories category, where the choice is either ubiquitous products that easily break and underperform or overly extravagant, antiquated accessories.

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Dads & Grads Tech Gift Guide 2020

With so much going on in the world, the holidays and celebrations are hitting a bit different this year. Graduations have been deemed pretty much virtual and social distancing has caused us not to spend as much time with loved ones like we want to. But if you happen to be able to in some capacity it is an awesome feeling. Another fantastic thing is those in your life that are fans of tech. We got some last-minute gift ideas that may add a smile to that person in your life next you see them physical or digitally.
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