Innovative Father's Day Tech Gifts for Men | Daily Mom


With everyone home these past few months, we have all pushed our office spaces to the max, especially when it comes to our electronic devices. It is quite possible that quarantine may have worn out your surge protectors in the process of charging and recharging all our devices to stay afloat. In fact, traditional surge protectors only last a year or two so if you can not remember when you last refreshed your home’s power, it is likely time to do it now. As such, this Father’s Day is a great excuse to upgrade dad’s “home office” with Austere.

Austere’s V Series Power takes the guesswork out of when your surgery protector needs to be replaced. The blue protection shield icon on the Power unit will cease to illuminate once the Joules (the protective layer of energy that defends your components) have been used. Luckily, that will not happen for a long time because Austere is rated to last more than five times as long as most power products and guarantees to safeguard dad’s system with their Component Guarantee.

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