VII Series Power

The VII Series Power by Austere is more than just a simple surge protector. And don't let it hear you call it a power strip. The VII Series Power is a protector. It's a supplier. It's a tank and a sports car, for your cables. With up to 8 traditional outlets, and 5 additional charging ports, it's a workhorse for you office or entertainment setup.
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Why This Austere Surge Protector Is Simply The Best

This Austere Surge Protector isn’t just any surge protector. The Power VII Series is the latest entrant into the surge protection market.

So what makes Austere Surge Protector different from the rest? Austere is moving beyond the charge to a place where performance, safety, and design define the new normal.

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2020 Dealerscope !mpact Awards: Accessories

Dealerscope’s annual !MPACT Awards program is designed to recognize those elite products in the consumer electronics industry that are innovative, leading sales on the show floor, and driving consumers into stores.
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