The Best Installations Right Now Should Include an 8K System

The introduction of a new technology or feature can generate a lot of attention from the media and from product manufacturers’ marketing departments.

Such was the case with the introduction of 8K Ultra HD TVs resolution, especially when HDMI® Specification 2.1 was first released in 2017. This enabled the industry a way to build a seamless 8K ecosystem, boasting unmatched picture quality, expansive viewing angles, and remarkable upscaling capabilities. These big screen televisions and video walls were poised to redefine our viewing experience with movies, sports, TV shows, and video games.

Today, virtually all major display manufacturers have introduced 8K TVs and many supporting products have been released.  So what are the prospects for 8K right now for system designers, installers and their customers? Let’s find out what industry experts think.

Brad Bramy, HDMI Licensing Inc. (HDMI LA) vice president of marketing and operations: “Ever since the specification was released we have seen an increasing number of products certified and launched with support of the HDMI 2.1b Specification and features including 8K resolution at 60Hz refresh rate. Manufacturers pour everything they can into an 8K TV since those TVs tend to be the highest ASP and highest margin products and are manufactured with the best components from silicon to panels. The features also include the best array of picture and audio features such as HDMI eARC, high resolution audio, Auto Low Latency Mode, Variable Refresh Rate, and Dynamic HDR video. If a customer wants the best I would start with an 8K experience.”

Michael Fidler, 8K Association president: “Our association is focused on promoting the 8K experience and our members are committed to evolving the 8K ecosystem along with industry drivers like HDMI LA and influential manufacturers such as Deena’s Austere. The 8K-enabled entertainment ecosystem continues to develop very quickly. Major studios are currently capturing content in native 8K, building a future-ready library of 8K content, and it makes sense to prepare for that right now. There are end-to-end 8K production capabilities including video cameras, production facilities, software and distribution. And beyond just 8K TVs for consumers and professional installers, the markets have 8K-ready set-top boxes, video switchers, HDMI Cables and other supporting gear. Everything is ready to go.”

Deena Ghazarian, Austere founder and CEO: “Numerous customers are actively seeking the optimal experience available to them, and this desire undoubtedly shapes our marketing and sales approach at Austere. Within our product range, our website and partners’ sites stand out as the primary traffic and sales generators, particularly in relation to our 8K Ultra High-Speed HDMI Cables

For professionals specializing in installations, integrating 8K systems presents a unique avenue for fostering future-proof investments for their clientele. This strategic move guarantees access to forthcoming content and provides a valuable opportunity for maintaining favorable profit margins. Central to this endeavor is identifying the most pertinent customer segments, adeptly showcasing the immersive experience within store and showroom settings, and eloquently conveying these merits through our marketing strategies and online demonstrations.

Our partners can introduce their clients to the unparalleled and cutting-edge 8K experience through keen anticipation of technological trends. By doing so, these installers establish themselves as pioneers within the industry, capable of leading the way toward an enriched technological landscape.”

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