Austere VII Series 8K HDMI Cable 1.5m
Austere Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable
Austere 48Gbps HDMI Cable
Austere Dynamic HDR HDMI Cable
Austere eARC HDMI Cable
Austere High-Flex HDMI Cable
Austere 8K HDMI cable with Pure Gold and LinkFit Connector
Austere 8K HDMI cable with Oxygen Free Copper and Silver Plated Conductor
Austere Gaming HDMI Cable
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Austere VII Series 8K HDMI Cable packaging
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VII Series 8K HDMI Cable 1.5m \\ 2.5m

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Austere VII Series HDMI 8K use state-of-the-art technology to deliver the highest level of performance possible. Austere cables are Kevlar-reinforced and protected by our proprietary WovenArmor, constructed for flexibility and strength so confined spaces and tight installations won't impede their efficiency. To upgrade the entertainment and gaming experience, we feature High-Fidelity eARC technology to deliver the highest quality video and audio streaming possible, while the Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and other media-rich features provide smooth performance. The all-metal pure gold-plated contacts, silver-plated conductors and LinkFit connector ensure a lifetime of unparalleled performance. And the aDesign structure is visually stunning to complement your home décor.

Austere’s cables are made with today’s most innovative technologies and materials for performance and durability. Ideal for HD displays and the devices that connect to them, such as Apple TV or Roku and gaming devices, such as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Don’t let sub-par cables limit your system’s ability to deliver the peak performance you expect from your displays and devices.

More Than Expected. Always.

Austere VII Series 8K HDMI Features

HDMI 2.1 Specification \\ Austere Ultra High Speed HDMI cables are held to the highest 8K specifications to maximize the performance of your investment, including a graphics rich bandwidth of 48Gbps and can carry resolutions up to 10K and 8K60, 4K120 frame rates. Our 8K cable supports enhanced media features including Variable Refresh Rate, Auto Latency Mode, Quick Media Switching, and Quick Frame Transport to provide smooth performance

Why HDMI eARC Technology Matters \\ To upgrade your entertainment experience, we’ve added High Fidelity eARC technology that delivers the highest quality streaming audio available, including support for the uncompressed sound of Dolby TrueHD Atmos. ARC technology allows the “upstream” and “downstream” of signals over a single HDMI connection between your TV and any eARC-equipped device

Engineered for Excellence \\ Austere HDMI cable is engineered using the most advance materials available. Our Pure Gold Contacts, Oxygen Free Copper and Silver-Plated Conductors won’t erode over time, which ensures a lifetime of peak performance

aDesign Philosophy \\ At Austere we not only believe in the details; we obsess over them. Our WovenArmor Cable provides strength, durability and protection to ensure a lifetime of quality performance. The High Flex Cable routes comfortably in tight places and the purposefully slim connector is ideal for easy installation. The LinkFit Connectors ensure a locking connection to your devices

Lifetime Guarantee \\ We stand behind this product for its lifetime. Protection, performance and peace of mind. Always.

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