What's the difference between V and VII Series Power?

There are three main upgrades when you choose VII Series Power over the V Series. The first is 4000 Joules of protection, as opposed to 3000. Joules are the protective layer of energy found inside power sources that defend your system's components. Over the life of the unit, these Joules will negate electrical surges that randomly come through your home. After years of providing protection, the Joules will get used up. Once they are depleted, your components will be left unguarded, so the more Joules the better. The second upgrade is the addition of Isolated Pure Filtration. Each pair of outlets has its own noise filter, isolating the pairs from each other, so there's no noise cross talk. i.e. Imagine the hum/buzz that you may hear from an amplifier or subwoofer impacting your TV's picture. Isolated Pure Filtration takes that out of the equation. This is unheard of in a power strip at this price point. Third, the VII Series Power has one USB-C 45 watt Power Delivery port. Many laptops, displays, tablets, etc. use USB-C as a power source and 45 watt is the magic number. You hit 45 watt and you can power anything that can use USB-C PD.

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Are your Power products tested?

Austere Power products are built and tested to the highest safety and performance standards. The certification process is extensive, and it’s difficult to meet even the minimum requirements. Austere exceeds all of them. Always.

How long is the cord on your Power products?

The cable on our Power products is 6 ft long. The cable is very pliable and easy to route, bend, and hide.

Can I mount your Power products on my wall?

Yes! There are two (2) mounting brackets on the back of the power strip.