Clean & Protect FAQs

How effective is Clean & Protect at disinfecting?

Clean & Protect is over 99% effective against common germs and is proven effective against Staph, E. coli and Pneumonia. Our solution was independently tested by world-leading SGS Labs.

Can I use Clean & Protect on items other than screens?

Absolutely! Our cleaner was designed to be used on screens, making it an ideal solution for large format HD televisions, computer monitors, laptops screens and smartphones. However, it's disinfecting properties also make it a great product to clean all of your electronic accessories, including remotes, keyboards, mice and phone cases. 

What are the ingredients in your Clean & Protect? Is it safe for my family and pets?

Safety is a number one priority for us. Our Clean & Protect solution is made from a proprietary water-based blend. And while it is uniquely non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, and generally totally safe for you and your family, we do not recommend ingesting it or getting it in contact with your eyes.

Does your Clean & Protect come with a cleaning cloth?

Clean & Protect comes with a dual-sided microfiber cloth; one side for cleaning dust and debris, and the other side for polishing and buffing your screens to perfection.

Should I wash my Clean & Protect microfiber cloth?

Yes, it’s important to clean your Clean & Protect microfiber cloth. Attempting to clean a screen with a dirty cloth will potentially scratch or otherwise damage your screen.

Wash it by hand, or in the washing machine, with warm water. DO NOT machine dry your cloth, let it air dry.

If you did put your cloth in the dryer, wash it again and let air dry.

I lost my Clean & Protect cleaning cloth, do you sell replacements?

We do not sell replacement microfiber cloth at this time.

What is the shelf life of my Clean & Protect?

The standard shelf life for Austere Clean & Protect is 36 months from the date of manufacturing.

How do I open the product?

Watch this short video to see how to easily slide off the packaging sleeve.

Do you have additional more information on the composition of your cleaning solution? 

For in-depth information on Austere Clean & Protect, we are happy to provide the Material Safety Data Sheet.