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V Series Banana Adapters

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Austere Banana Adapters are the highest standard of design and performance. All-metal and built with pure gold to eliminate copper speaker wire oxidation and ensure an unimpeded audio experience. The SecureLatch adapters produce an internal grip that provides an uncompromised connection, which locks the connector in place to deliver optimal performance.

No more trying to shove the raw copper wire into your components and hope that it makes a reliable connection. Our banana adapters enable a secure, professional connection every time that is contained and protected from everything from snags and tugs to the elements behind your system. And the easy twist-by-hand design means no additional tools are required. Austere Banana Adapters elevate your audio and connection experience.

More Than Expected. Always.

Austere Banana Adapters

2 Pairs of Banana Adapters \\ Ideal with Austere Speaker Cable, sold separately. Our adapters are compatible with 12, 14, and 16-gauge speaker cable.

Premium Audio \\ Our Premium Audio Banana Adapters are designed to enhance the investment you made in your home system by delivering stellar performance. Always.

Engineered for Excellence \\ Austere Audio Banana Adapters are engineered using the most advanced materials available. Our Pure Gold Contacts will never erode, which ensures a lifetime of peak performance.

aDesign Philosophy \\ At Austere, we not only believe in the details, we obsess over them. Our SecureLatch adapters create a firm and reliable connection to your devices. You’ll receive unparalleled performance and the peace of mind that they won’t come loose, disconnect, or have any audio interruption.

Lifetime Guarantee \\ We stand behind this product for its lifetime. Protection, performance, and peace of mind. Always.

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Austere creates technologically superior products that keep us powered and connected. Products that perform to the highest expectations every single time. We believe in them so much that they’re backed with a lifetime guarantee to never break and never fail ensuring Austere performs to your expectations. Always.

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