Not All Power is Created Equal

Nearly everybody knows that you need a surge protector for your home entertainment system and home office.  However, you may not know that power products are not all created equal.

Is the $20.00 power strip sold at the “Deal Store” any good?

What do you get when you pay more for a power product? 

It turns out the answer to those questions can get complicated as some surge protector power strips offer a lot more than just protection from power spikes and lightning hits (i.e. Isolated Noise Filtration, Flameless MOVs, 45 Watt Power Delivery, etc.), but a good place to start is with the Joule rating.

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The Joe Montana Bowl is Here – How to Wow Your Guests
The game is set to kick off in Miami at 6:30 EST with sunset at 6:05.  The entire game is going to be under the lights, where 4K HDR really amplifies the specular highlights off of the helmets. The field will look richer, the team colors and flesh tones more accurate, and you also get a lot more depth in the black as well. Typically shooting from specific camera angles into a helmet is tricky due to the shadows, with 4K HDR player reactions and expressions will be clearer for those missed PI calls and endzone celebrations.
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