A New Era for Home Theater

Much of shelter-in-place has been a challenge. We all agree. However, I think we are seeing some cool new trends come from being home, including being connected with videocalls, getting more family time, the joy of ordering food on your phone and having it delivered at your doorstep and, one of our favorites, theater-release movies on-demand at home. It’s been pretty great to get a blockbuster day-of release and enjoy it in the comfort of our homes, with our families and the fridge close by.

And to make the most of this trend, which industry experts say could be the norm for a long time, if not forever for many films, updating your system with high-quality equipment will help you duplicate the cinema-level viewing experience in your home. Being a company centered around home-entertainment and movie fanatics ourselves (check out our list of favorites at the bottom of this post), our team designed the Austere Collections with the at-home theater experience in mind. Complete with a 4K HDMI Cable, Power surge protector and Clean & Protect, Austere Collections are the ultimate accessory package that will bring your big screen experience to life.

Austere Collections

HDMI Cable

What’s behind your TV is as important as what you are watching on it, and the best way to achieve movie theater quality picture is to use high-quality cables. Your signal is only as good as the weakest cable.

When was the last time you updated your HDMI cable? If you don’t remember, then it’s probably time to upgrade. HDMI cables standards constantly change to keep up with TV manufacturers and the rapid advancement of technology. To achieve the highest standard 4K HDR on your TV, you need the latest version of HDMI. Austere 1.5m and 2.5m 4K HDMI cables are premium certified by HDMI.org and are guaranteed to maximize the performance of your investment.

For those of you looking to future-proof your system, Austere 8K HDMI cables are the ideal accessory upgrade to accommodate new 8K TVs. Our 8K cables are engineered to meet the highest specifications, including a bandwidth of 48 Gbps and can carry resolutions up to 10K and 8K60, 4K120 frame rates. And to further heighten the entertainment and gaming experience, Austere 8K cables provide smooth performance and virtually eliminate image lag, stutter, and frame tearing.


A surge protector is a worthwhile investment for any home theater, whether it’s a more traditional setup in a family room or the personal media space in your teenager’s bedroom. Not only will Austere power your devices, it will protect any system ensuring your home’s and the devices plugged into it will be safe.

Using our PureFiltration technology, Austere Power insulates the power signal from external disturbances to deliver picture perfect audio and video. Our surge protectors provide fire and power spike safety with our Flameless MOV and Overcurrent Protection. And a blue LED warning indicator light will cease to illuminate when the circuit is worn out and no longer able to block surges. To learn more about how Austere Power was designed to power and protect, read our earlier blog posts Not All Power is Created Equal and Beyond the Charge.

Clean & Protect

Properly cleaned screens result in a higher-quality picture. Most of us would be upset if a movie theater had a dirty screen, so don’t hold your home theater to a different standard. Luckily, watching a movie on a clean screen, whether it’s your TV, iPad or even your smartphone, is easy to achieve with Austere Clean & Protect.


While we don’t see an end for traditional movie theaters, because let’s be honest you can’t quite replicate popcorn with movie theater butter and it’s a fun social activity, we are excited to enter this new era for home theater.

Here is a list of all the 2020 movies that will be streaming early.


Austere Team Favorite Movies

Deena Ghazarian, CEO \\ Coming to America 

Mike, Sales \\ The Shawshank Redemption

Liz, Operations \\ Kung Fu Hustle

Jen, Marketing \\ Grease

Gabby, Marketing \\ Harry Potter

Pippa, Marketing \\ The Empire Strikes Back  

Owen, Training \\ The Godfather: Part II

Joey, Customer Support \\ There Will Be Blood

Danielle, Finance \\ V for Vendetta

Alexandra Burton \\ Pitch Perfect 


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