Beyond the Charge

Austere is moving beyond the primary function of providing power, to a place where performance, safety, and design come together to define what you should expect from power

Austere Power Strip

Most of us never think much about power. All you need is the flip of a switch, the push of a button, or to simply tell your digital assistant, "Alexa, turn on the lights". The devices that drive our entertainment and our work all start with a plug in the wall.

Power is a necessity. As long as it faithfully charges our phones, lights up our screens, or turns on our lights, who cares where it comes from?

In reality, the power we all use at home is polluted to some degree. The electrical current you pull from your wall outlets is corrupted with excess noise and "grime" that we would not normally think about or even be able to detect without the proper tools. It affects our devices in both subtle and extreme ways, but these are such common occurrences that we pay them no mind, we just assume that the symptoms our devices exhibit are a normal part of their performance and lifecycle. The choppy signal coming from your TV, the unstable internet connection, the gradual degradation of your smartphone's battery…you wouldn't think that these issues have anything to do with the power coming from your wall outlet, but in fact, this power source is a key factor determining the overall health and sustainability of all our power-dependent devices.

At Austere we have taken a hard look at power – beyond just the charge – to help people protect their devices from the issues and dangers that dirty power causes.

The power strip. It's what everyone needs in order to set up a cohesive AV system, whether it's in the home or at work. And now, your home office. Generally speaking, the power strips many people are buying, the ones we ourselves once bought, are severely lacking in many key areas. Power strips are not a thing that the average person associates with style, appeal, efficiency, or most importantly safety, they are merely a cheap means to an end. Austere is looking to change that with our line of Power products.

Austere’s V Series Power and VII Series Power, are Austere's answer to the potentially unsafe, inexpensive, inefficient and unattractive power strips we have all come to know and loathe. To provide our customers with a product that’s More Than Expected, we combine exceptional safety features, advanced power filtering, and diverse charging capabilities with stylish and practical design. You might think of our surge protectors as luxury suites for your devices.

Austere Power Surge Protector

Let's think about this with a hypothetical scenario:  you go on vacation and can stay at a luxury resort or a motel.

Yes, the luxury resort is going to be more expensive than the motel. However, the luxury resort is also elegant, clean, comfortable, has five-star dining options, and exceptional room service. The motel is cheap, but it only provides the bare-essentials and maybe a greasy fast-food restaurant nearby.  This choice is about investment in the quality of your stay. The more you're willing to invest, the healthier and happier you'll be. The same is true when it comes to your power surge protectors and the devices you connect to them.

When you buy Austere Power, you are investing in a higher quality of life for any device that you connect to it.

Check out our Noise Sniffer Demo video.

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