Virtual Learning Essentials for Back to School 2020

As we get closer to the start of the school year, it is certain that the reliance on virtual learning will continue. No matter how they are attending class, students need essential items to keep their devices powered and connected so they can focus on their education in a virtual learning setting. Here is our guide for setting up an ideal environment at home.

Dedicated Home Learning Space

Home Learning Space featured in Somewhat Simple

Photo by Somewhat Simple

Even if students will be resuming in-person classes, it will likely not be full-time but rather a hybrid of in-person and remote classes, so having a dedicated place to attend class, do homework and study is a must. Students, especially those in K-12, benefit from an engaging, colorful and educational space in classrooms, so doing what you can to create an at-home learning environment can help students stay focused, increase their motivation to learn and foster creativity.

Here is a link to a great resource on creating an at-home learning space. And check out these 20 Homework Station Ideas for Kids and Teens from The Spruce

Learning Pod

Some parents are considering setting up learning pods, in which groups of students learn together in homes under the instruction of the children’s parents or a hired teacher. These pods will help give students predictability, structure, and the social interaction they benefit from in the traditional schooling environment. Not to mention, sharing in education efforts this way will help alleviate some of the stress virtual learning puts on working parents.

Learn more about the learning pod trend by reading this New York Times article.

Charging Hub

Austere Power Charging Hub

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With students completing classes and homework online their devices are constantly being charged and recharged. Investing in a high-quality surge protector will keep learning devices powered safely and rapidly-charge them in a central location.

Austere Power products are complete with either six or eight SmartFit outlets, so there is plenty of room to plug in all your devices. Also complete with an Omniport USB, Austere Power features five rapid charging ports, 2 USB-A and 3 USB-C, that are designed to minimize charging time for personal electronics. Having a charging hub is especially important for those turning to group learning because they will be needing to keep multiple students’ devices powered. 

And great for students whose universities are offering a hybrid-flex model with in-person classes optional,Austere VII Series Power has a 45W USB-C PD port that can uniquely charge a laptop to 90% in 45 minutes through a single cable. 

Austere Power charging a laptop

Learn more about how Austere Power is moving Beyond The Charge.

HDMI Cable

HDMI connecting laptop and monitor

Photo by Girl Knows Tech featuring Austere V Series HDMI Cable

For high school and college students completing coursework online, we recommend students have a setup that consists of more than a laptop. Having multiple screens allows for a Zoom lecture to be pulled up on one while also being able to take notes or reference other materials on the other screen. A HDMI cable may be necessary to connect a laptop to a computer monitor for a more stationary solution.

Here is a great article from Girl Knows Tech with 11 Tips To Get Ready For A New Semester.

Electronics Cleaner

Austere Clean & Protect

Increased cleaning measures are an important part of reopening plans. Whether or not your student is spending time in a physical classroom, it will be important to increase cleaning measures for everything they interact with both in and outside of your home.  One easy thing we can all do is to is to get in the habit of cleaning our electronics, especially high-touch devices. Austere’s anti-bacterial Clean & Protect is a great solution for disinfecting computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. In addition to screens, it can also be used to clean keyboards, mice and even mobile cases, making it a great multi-purpose solution.

Organized School Supplies

Organized School Supplies  

Having a drawer that is not only fully stocked with school supplies, but also organized, makes it easy for any student to quickly find whatever they may need. Designed to be re-purposed, Austere boxes are a creative and inexpensive way to organize your supplies.

Send a photo to of how you are using your Austere product boxes for a chance to be featured on our Facebook and Instagram.


It is undeniable that ‘back to school’ 2020 presents new challenges to overcome and will be a learning process for all involved. At Austere our hope is that you and your student have the tech essentials you need for an effective and safe start to the new school year.

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