Austere Technology Accessories Brand Focused on Exceptional Performance and Design Now Available in Australia

Austere brings sophistication and style to discerning consumers who demand more from the products that connect and power their world.

MELBOURNE, AUS September 30, 2020 – With a passion to challenge the status quo in technology accessories, Austere makes its debut in Australia. Founded by fashion and consumer technology industry maven Deena Ghazarian, Austere is committed to creating technology accessories with flawless performance inside a design that reflects the impeccable style of the people who own them. 

Austere products, available in November through our distribution partner Audio Active Australia, include home entertainment audio and video cables and clean & protect products. Combining sleek and sexy style with unparalleled functionality, all Austere products connect people to their devices seamlessly and reliably. Austere is so passionate about being more than expected that it stands behind its home theater products with a lifetime guarantee to replace them if they ever break or underperform.

“There is a massive gap in the technology accessories category, where the choice is either ubiquitous products that easily break and underperform or overly extravagant, antiquated accessories,” said Ghazarian, Austere Founder and CEO. “At Austere, we’re equally passionate about performance and style and believe there’s a tremendous need in the accessories market for accessible products where these ideologies intersect. That’s why we’ve created Austere, from the packaging to the in-store displays to the products themselves, with intentional design and minimalistic style that deliver spectacular performance.”

“The same way that Audio Active Australia understands what local customers and the Australian market need, Austere understands what discerning home theater customers need to connect their systems,” said Jeremy Bouris, Managing Director Audio Active Australia. “Austere hits the mark with both performance and design and will be an ideal complement to home theater audio and video hardware.”

New Generation of Technology Accessories Delivers Design and Performance

Austere products offer the style and performance that the most discerning customers want for their equally impressive electronic devices. An emphasis on reflecting owners’ styles and complementing the sleek devices they already own, as well as providing exceptional performance, sets Austere apart from the aggressively masculine and dated accessories of the past.

Everything about Austere’s products, from the substantial, reusable packaging to the opulent-yet-minimalistic style, challenges conventional notions about technology accessories. With its focus on total reliability and intentional design, Austere will become an essential part of its customers everyday lives – with the assurance that its products will work flawlessly, as expected, every time.

Austere Home Theater Cable Portfolio

The Austere HDMI III and V series cables are designed with today’s most advanced technologies for the ultimate performance to maximize the home entertainment experience. Austere HDMI adds High-Fidelity ARC technology that delivers the highest-quality streaming audio available. Kevlar reinforced windings and WovenArmor cables are constructed for flexibility and strength so no corner derails the signal. And using the pure-endurance gold shield, the contacts create an industry-leading connection that will hold for a lifetime.

State-of-the-art active HDMI cable technology exceeds expectations to provide optimal visual and audio performance for cable lengths that are 5.0m; never compromising quality for length.

  • III Series 4K HDMI Cables (1.5m / 2.5m / 5.0m, from $99.99 AUD) with 4K HDR, High-Fidelity ARC, 15-pin Pure Gold contacts and aDesign precision connector housing and WovenArmor cable.
  • V Series 4K HDMI Cables (1.5m / 2.5m / 5.0m, from $149.99 AUD), features 4K HDR, High-Fidelity ARC, 30-µin Pure Gold contacts, Pure Silver-Plated Conductors, aDesign precision connector housing, LinkFit locking connectors and WovenArmor cable.
  • VII Series 8K HDMI Cables (1.5m / 2.5m, from $199.99 AUD), feature 8K HDMI, employs Pure Gold connectors, High-Fidelity ARC, bandwidth of 48 Gbps and can carry resolutions up to 10K and 8K60, 4K and 120 frame rates, Pure Silver-Plated Conductors, aDesign precision connector housing, LinkFit locking connectors and WovenArmor cable.

Austere Audio Cables take a common cable and push it beyond expected performance standards. Pure Gold connectors are added to prevent oxidation from occurring, giving users lasting audio quality for a lifetime. The unique LinkFit connectors are engineered to produce an internal grip that holds tight for optimal audio performance. To reduce audio distortion, a grounded shield is integrated into each cable. Lastly, the durable Soft-Touch cable provides the flexibility users need for a complete home theater experience.

Austere Audio Cables define excellence with every selected material and technical detail.

  • V Series Optical Audio (2.0m, from $99.99 AUD), employs Pure Gold connectors, Precision-polished termination for digital audio accuracy, aDesign precision LinkFit housing and WovenArmor cable, lifetime guarantee.
  • V Series Audio Interconnect (2.0m, $149.99 AUD), offers Pure Gold connectors, aDesign precision LinkFit housing, Soft-Touch high-flex cable, lifetime guarantee.
  • V Series Subwoofer Cable (5.0m, $149.99 AUD) features Pure Gold connectors, aDesign precision LinkFit housing, Soft-Touch high-flex cable, lifetime guarantee.

Austere Speaker Cable and Banana Adapters are the highest standard of design and performance.

  • V Series Speaker Cable (14-gauge or 12-guage 100-feet, from $299.99 AUD) boasts fine-stranded 100% pure oxygen free copper to improve conduction and prevent corrosion; Soft-Touch, high-flex cable with a durable jacket for smooth wire routing, lifetime guarantee.
  • Austere Banana Adapters (four adapters, $99.99 AUD) Pure Gold shield to prevent copper wire oxidation, High-performance adapters with SecureLatch & Twist-by-hand Design, lifetime guarantee.    

III Series Clean & Protect ($59.99 AUD) is perfectly formulated to care for all device screens. We carefully selected a gentle blend of cleaning ingredients to produce an anti-bacterial and ammonia-free solution that will eradicate germs and eliminate static build up that can be harmful to electronics.

The aDesign applicator sprays the unscented fine-mist evenly and is designed to prevent screen streaks and fingerprints. To make the cleaning process simple, a dual-textured cloth has been included to remove dust and provide a heightened cleaning experience. Austere Clean & Protect gives devices the care they deserve. 
The Austere collection will be available in November through

About Austere
Launched in 2019, Austere is a unique technology accessories brand committed to spectacularly designed, technologically superior products to connect your life. Austere represents the intersection of flawless, minimalist design and advanced technology to redefine technology accessories. Austere stands apart from all other technology accessories manufacturers for its commitment to designing a new generation of products that offer consumers more stylish and better ways to connect with their electronics devices.