The Thought Process Behind Austere HDMI Cables

When it comes to the thought process behind the design and features of our Austere HDMI Cables, our team and Product Engineer, Stan Levitsky had to think outside of the box.

Austere’s HDMI cable design involved a lot of analysis of competing cables in the industry. We wanted to ensure that the features highlighted in our HDMI cables were fully supported and aligned with certification standards.

For our 4K HDMI cables, we fully comply with the 2.0 standard. This involves many different features that the cable needs to support including 18Gbps bandwidth, 4K@60Hz, and HDR.




Likewise, our 8K HDMI cables support the 2.1 standards for specs. That was an absolute must.




In addition, we wanted to ensure the cable's design accommodated the realities of low-profile TV mounting and made the cable more flexible than most other cables in the marketplace. We minimized the connector and cable size which allows the cable to pass the signal quickly. Our final design gave our entire series of HDMI better functionality for the customer.

We made sure from a reliability perspective that we use premium materials. Aluminum in the housing and Kevlar in the actual construction of our WovenArmour cable allows our cable to be much more robust, especially if it gets pulled. 

All these features combine into a class-leading cable design, one that will last for many years and easily be compatible with all your devices that require HDMI connections.

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