Austere VII Series Power
There’s protection, and there’s protection. Austere VII Series Power promises to protect all of your most prized electronics from power surges while being super stylish to boot thanks to its sleek, brushed aluminum construction. The power strip may be wall-mounted, with 6-8 outlets backed by USB ports, pure filtration, and fire protection technology. If you’ve got a pricey electronic kit in your crib, it deserves this kind of security.
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VII Series Power
The VII Series Power by Austere is more than just a simple surge protector. And don't let it hear you call it a power strip. The VII Series Power is a protector. It's a supplier. It's a tank and a sports car, for your cables. With up to 8 traditional outlets, and 5 additional charging ports, it's a workhorse for you office or entertainment setup.
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