Your Gadgets Are Probably Disgusting - Here Are The Best Products to Clean Them

When was the last time you really cleaned your phone?

I’m going to ask you something before we start. Are you reading this on a smartphone? Take a close look at the edges, cracks, and ports. Now think about when the last time was you actually cleaned your phone. Did that disturb you?

It should, our smartphones are dirty. Like, dirtier than your toilet seat, if this report is to be believed. It’s time to fight back against the germs, and reduce the chance we can get sick from our tech. I mean, the world is worrisome enough without the threat of stomach bugs (or worse) from the things we spend the most time touching.

Thankfully for germaphobes, it’s never been easier to disinfect our tech, and the best methods don’t even require us to do anything while it happens. Here’s some of the best tech to keep your other tech clean.

Here’s how to keep the germs off your tech

With how much we use our technology on the daily, it’s no surprise that it gets dirty. Here’s how to clean it off.

Austere III Series Clean & Protect ($30)

austere clean and protect cleanser
Image: KnowTechie

If you need to clean larger screens like your TV, you really should invest in some specialized cleaning fluid, like Austere’s Clean & Protect. It’s anti-bacterial, doesn’t contain ammonia, and reduces static build-up on your tech so dust is less likely to gather. I’ve been using this for years now and it works just as well on reflective screens as it does on those with anti-glare coatings, and haven’t noticed any damage from the cleaner – which is more than I can say for some other products I’ve used. You also get a two-sided textured cloth, with a fuzzy side to clean and a more silky side to polish away any streaks.