VII Series Power

The VII Series Power by Austere is more than just a simple surge protector. And don't let it hear you call it a power strip. The VII Series Power is a protector. It's a supplier. It's a tank and a sports car, for your cables. With up to 8 traditional outlets, and 5 additional charging ports, it's a workhorse for you office or entertainment setup.

The VII Series Power is meant to manage the power supply for your most beloved gadgets and gizmos. No expenses were spared in the design and construction of this heavy-weight accessory. With high-end materials and the technology built into the VII Series Power, it's an investment to protect your costly items in need of power. 

This outlet hub comes in a 6 or 8-outlet configuration, with two rows of outwardly facing outlets - its spacing that allows for chunky plugs or wide adapters to hang out together. Regardless of which option you choose, the VII Series Power also includes 2 USB-A charging ports, 2 USB-C charging powers, and a USB-C 45W PD poty. That lasts USB-C is im-port-ant. It provides 45W of power to charge your USB-C laptop. Not every USB-C port will provide the juice necessary to do that. 

To protect what's plugged in, the VII Series Power offers 4,000 joules of protection, which is quadruple what a lot of cheap surge protectors will offer (even specialty equipment provided by my electric company only offers 1,080 joules). It also features Austere's own 'Isolated PureFiltration' technology to insulate the power supply from other electronic interference, which can be abundant when it's tucked behind an entertainment center or under a computer desk. That protection extends all the way through the robust, braided power cord that ends with an off-angle plug to fit in tight spaces. 

Austere has also included advanced fire protection in the II Series Power and is so confident in its technology, that it offers a five-year guarantee on devices plugged into the unit, should anything electrically-related cause harm. That is an extensive guarantee for a surge protector. 

If this is all sounding a little complicated, it is. Luckily, there are three LED indicators on the actual unit to make sure you're achieving maximum protection. On for power, one to indicate a grounded circuit, and one to signify surge protection is working as intended. Make sure all three lights are on, and you are good to go. 

The VII Series Power itself is a heavy brick covered in brushed aluminum with rubber non-slip feet and mounting holes. It feels like a tank and acts like one, too For you more coveted (and expensive) electronics, consider protecting them with the VII Series Power from Austere.