Two-Year-Old Austere Offers Ecosystem for At-Home Lifestyles

Austere 4K HDMI Cable

The stay-at-home consumer behaviors that came about with the onset of COVID-19 have caused buyers to seek out necessities to make life in a more limited environment easier to manage. These necessities have expanded beyond ultra-large TVs and other home entertainment enhancements to affect certain categories of accessories. And this state of affairs has caused the two-year-old Austere accessories brand to become ever more relevant, with products that are designed to improve content streaming and power management, ease connection with off-site work colleagues, and enable learning at home – all while keeping the home ecosystem clean and safe.

“The situation has accelerated the brand’s development,” observes Deena Ghazarian, Austere CEO. “It took us to a different level, including in our power and clean products. It set us on a path and catapulted us forward.” A market observation the brand has put out to the media encapsulates consumers’ new needs – and states Austere’s response, pretty aptly. Consumers, it says, “are looking for a brand with style to complement their curated look at home… they want accessories to look like every other curated piece in their arsenal.”

Austere Optical Audio Cable

Moreover, consumers are willing to spend more for quality products along those lines that guarantee performance and that also reflect their style and devices.  And Austere is delivering just that, she says – along with lifetime guarantees on everything.

She cites several true category “winners” that emerged in 2020 for Austere – among them: 8K cable, whose sales were “through the roof,” gaming-related connectivity products, which surged around the holidays, and of course, the company’s antibacterial allergen-free solution, sales of which have “exploded,” she says.

Austere Clean & Protect

The company also champions its “unboxing” experience as among the industry’s best, akin to opening up a jewelry box – and it has paid as much aesthetic attention to its environmentally friendly packaging as to the products it encases. The boxes are beautiful, and have been designed to be kept and reused.

Nowadays, Ghazarian avers, “it’s about how things coexist in the home” – and Austere’s mission from the outset has been to develop products that help foster that coexistence.

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