The Best Strong HDMI Cable

The best strong HDMI cable

austere 3 series hdmi cable

Made with woven Kevlar, the Austere III Series HDMI cable is strong. This premium product supports the latest specs and is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Many of the HDMI cables on this list are fine for most users, but sometimes you might want something a little stronger, like the Kevlar-reinforced III Series from Austere.

Now, to be clear, a rugged HDMI cable won't perform any better than the others recommended here. We also want to remind you that you don't have to spend a lot of money on a great HDMI cable because Austere cables are very expensive. I have not encountered any problems when using an affordable HDMI cable, like the one from AmazonBasics, with my PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Verizon Fios cable box from Motorola, and GoPro cameras (with an adapter); when using the Austere cable, I didn't find it to work any better or worse.

With that said, if I was connecting ultra-expensive home entertainment equipment — say, a Marantz receiver — I would probably recommend spending a bit more on high-end cables (this is actually Austere's affordable offering, as the V Series costs even more). The Austere III Series, available in approximately 5-, 8-, and 16-feet lengths — are very well made and they look luxurious, due to the tough exterior and gold-plated connectors. The gold shielding is designed to create a high-quality connection, but many AV experts will tell you that it doesn't matter with digital signals (it can make a difference with analog cables).

Unless you are connecting premium equipment or you have money to spend, I wouldn't recommend this as your first or second pick. But I do appreciate Austere's craftsmanship, support for the latest specs (including 4K HDR), and the lifetime warranty.