Some of the Best Accessories to Upgrade Your TV and Entertainment Center

If you watch a lot of TV, you might as well make the experience as great as possible.

With the current climate, staying the heck at home is the best thing you can be doing with yourself. That means you’ll need entertainment, which usually shakes down to what’s going to be played on the TV.

The thing is, now you’ll be spending more time using it, isn’t it about time you upgraded some of your TV accessories? For a start, the speakers on your TV are probably passable, but are they actually any good? Adding a soundbar or surround system is one of the best upgrades you can make and will last through several TV sets.

Then there’s a whole world of other accessories to make your viewing pleasure, well, pleasurable. Oh, and if you don’t already have a 4K TV? Check out our guide for the best TVs under $500.

Austere V Series Collection

Austere V Series Collection



Now it’s time to talk protection. All that lovely hardware needs quality surge protection, and Austere has some of the best around. Their power strips have EMI/RFI filtration, fire and power spike safety so surges won’t set your electronics on fire, LEDs that tell you when your circuit is grounded, when the protection on the surge protector is about to run out, and tightly woven sheathing on the cable for extra protection. Oh, and there are two USB-A and three USB-C charging ports that can provide up to 2.4A of charging power.

That design language filters down to their HDMI cables, which are either rated for 4K, 18 Gbps for 4K60; or 48 Gbps which can carry resolutions up to 10K and 8K60, or 4K120. They’re also Kevlar-reinforced, have gold-plated contacts, oxygen-free copper and silver-plated conductors, which all adds up to protected digital signals.

Wrap up the triumvirate of protection with Clean & Protect, Austere’s specially-formulated cleaning solution to clean not just dirt, but also germs. It also removes static build-up, protecting your electronics and leaving them relatively dust-free. Nifty.