Shopping for the Right HDMI Cables Just Got Easier

Many will agree that specifying and shopping for HDMI® Cables can be confusing.

Resellers may use a variety of marketing terms and may not use the official HDMI Cable name designations, and many websites recommend cables only based on receiving affiliate payments. Sometimes it is not clear which of the HDMI Specification versions have been used in design, manufacturing, testing and certification. And worst of all – some cables are counterfeits.

HDMI Verification Banners
The existing HDMI Cable Certification Program that requires Premium High Speed HDMI Cables and the latest Ultra High Speed HDMI Cables to pass rigorous testing and certification, and then place physical HDMI Certification Labels on the packaging has been around for years. But if you can only shop for cables online sometimes the labels won’t be shown and it is hard to tell if a cable is certified under the programs.

Now determining certification status is easier. The Verification Banners are an optional add-on to the existing HDMI Cable Certification Program. The website banners enable integrators to verify the certification status of cables while shopping on manufacturer and reseller websites. The Verification Banners are either clicked or scanned, verified at HDMI LA, and then display the brand name, model number and length – the same as when scanning the physical Certification Labels affixed to the cable packaging.

HDMI Cable certification status

Now commercial installers and integrators have two ways to verify HDMI Cable certification status. First, verify before you buy by checking for the Verification Banner, and secondly, verify the product by checking the physical Certification Label.

Benefits to verifying HDMI Cable status prior to purchasing include:

  1. Ensuring cable performance — Genuine certified Premium and Ultra High Speed HDMI Cables undergo rigorous testing and certification at HDMI Authorized Test Centers or HDMI Forum Authorized Test Centers. Certification ensures that cables are compliant with the HDMI Specifications and meet the necessary performance and compatibility requirements. Counterfeit or uncertified products, however, are not subjected to these tests and may exhibit subpar performance, leading to degraded audio and video quality or complete failure.
  2. Eliminating unnecessary truck rolls — An uncertified, under-performing cable can result in a truck roll costing a minimum $200-$300. Integrators can ensure they are buying licensed HDMI Products from authorized manufacturers and resellers that have been properly certified by checking for both the HDMI Verification Banners and on-package HDMI Certification Labels.
  3. Eliminating unintentional return of genuine products — Integrators may mistakenly believe that a genuine and certified product is the source of poor performance for a system when it really is a failing uncertified cable, and may unnecessarily return expensive items like HDTVs, switchers, converter gear or audio equipment.
  4. Avoiding safety hazards — Counterfeit and uncertified HDMI Cables are frequently manufactured using substandard materials and lack proper oversight. This compromise in quality can pose safety hazards, including potential electrical or fire risks.

Cable manufacturers and resellers can easily get the banners from their HDMI Adopter suppliers. They are a great way to promote their cables and differentiate them from other products, instilling confidence in their customers that the cables are certified under the correct HDMI Specifications. Posting the banners can also improve search rankings and make it easier for customers to find their products. If manufacturers and resellers need help with banners they can contact HDMI LA at

This new program is just being launched so make sure to look for the new HDMI Verification Banners. The first manufacturers using this include premiere cable manufacturers Austere and Zeskit. Ask your manufacturers and resellers to display the banners so you can verify their cable status before you buy. More information:  and

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