Mastering Stylish and Sustainable CE Accessories: A Guide

In the fashion world, accessories encompass everything from jewelry and handbags to shoes and scarves. We’d all agree that these are front-and-center products. In the consumer electronics industry, not so much. With the exception of, say, power banks, phone cases, headphones, and Bluetooth speakers, CE accessories such as cables and power strips are often considered a utilitarian commodity, without any particular need for aesthetics, sustainability, or thoughtful design.

Austere CEO and Founder Deena Ghazarian

That was one of the motivating factors for Deena Ghazarian when she founded Austere in 2019. The CEO and founder of the luxe electronic accessories company had previously worked to build other CE brands such as Monster, Beats by Dre, and AVAD. And before working in the CE industry, Ghazarian worked in the fashion business, including management roles at Macy’s.

Austere has a full line of HDMI cables, including its new 8K Ultra-High-Speed HDMI cables that are HDMI 2.1-certified and capable of resolutions and refresh rates of 8K@60, 4K@120, as well as 10K. It also has a new screen cleaning product and a full coterie of power strips and surge protectors with up to 4,000 joules to protect electronics. The cables feature heavy-duty cloth coverings that don’t tangle easily, while the surge protectors feature sleek designs and brushed aluminum bodies. In other words, they will look nice next to a media credenza.

The style isn’t just style for style’s sake, however. Austere’s packaging features boxes that can be reused for storage, for example, which is part of the company’s overall sustainability goals. In the latest episode of the Dealerscope podcast, I asked Ghazarian to tell us a bit about the Austere brand and its sustainability initiatives, as well as more general questions about what can and cannot be recycled in a typical CE package. She also talks about the low-hanging fruit  of sustainability initiatives; ways that consumer electronics retailers can implement eco-friendly initiatives right away.

Listen to the Dealerscope podcast Episode 124: “Sustainability and Style With Austere CEO and Founder Deena Ghazarian”  by clicking below, or download it here.

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