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VII series power outlet
One thing that’s always made me feel uneasy about using the outlet located behind our wall-mounted TV was not knowing what might happen to the television in a storm without any surge protection. Most surge protectors are strips, and they have to go down below the television, which means there’s no neat way to hide the cables. That’s no longer the case with the $129.99 Austere VII Series Power 4-Outlet. Designed to fit discreetly in the tightest of spaces, including near furniture or behind wall-mounted TVs, the Austere VII Series Power 4-Outlet sits flush with the wall for an elegant and unobtrusive appearance.

The Austere VII Series has polished metalized side panels and platinum silver edging, and it offers 3,500 joules protection, the protective layer of energy that defends your components. Both sides of the device have Austere’s PureFiltration outlet isolation, so you’ll get the cleanest possible power for the finest gaming, home theater, or home office performance. On top of the four AC outlets, there is a USB-A port with a dedicated 2.4A charging power on one side and two USB-C PD ports on the other, offering 45W fast charging when only the top port is used or sharing the total between two devices when both USB-C ports are used.

Austere makes fantastic products that they stand behind. The VII Series outlet includes their component guarantee that if Austere Power is responsible for any damage to a plugged-in device, Austere will replace that device regardless of its value for up to 6 years.

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