Best Surge Protectors in 2020: Power Strips and Smart Plugs

These are the best surge protectors, power strips, and smart plugs of 2020

Anyone and everyone with a need for more power outlets has used or owned a power strip with surge protection. Most don’t even think about the surge protection as much as the need to power multiple devices in a room. 

Most power strips will cover your needs for extra outlets but, in today's market, you not only get extra outlets and surge protection but also USB connections for your other devices, such as smartphones and tablets.  

But which one is right for your needs? We’re here to help. We put together a list of competitively priced surge protectors that are best suited to fulfill the charging needs of most people, even techies like ourselves.

 The best-surge protectors you can buy today

Austere VII Power Series 8 Outlet

1. AUSTERE VII Series Power 8-Outlet

The Best Overall Surge Protector

Dimensions: 8.5 x 16.3 x 2.6 inches | Weight: 4.8 pounds | Outlets: 8 | Ports: 2 USB-Type A, 3 USB-C | Power Cord: 6 Feet | Surge Protection : 4,000 Joules | Watts: 1,800

+ 5 Rapid Charge Ports (2 USB-A; 3 USB-C)

+ Slim elegant design

+ Fire and power spike safety

+ Lifetime Warranty

- Pricey 

The Austere VII Series 8 outlet comes in a beautifully designed aluminum case measuring 8.5 x 16.3 x 2.6 inches (4.8 pounds) with a six-foot power cord that's side-mounted at an angle for better plug usage and ergonomics. The power strip is specially designed to protect against electromagnetic distortions that normally occur when devices are using the same outlets. It reduces these occurrences to help deliver undisturbed power signals to your electronics. 

The Austere VII offers up to 4,000 joules of surge protection with overcurrent protection of 1,800 Watts. With 8 outlets designed to provide maximum room for all different shapes and sizes of charges, you should be able to power up all your gadgets. The Austere VII also comes with an OmniPort section where you will find two USB Type-A ports and 3 USB-C ports. 

Austere takes Fire and Power protection seriously by ensuring their surge protectors regulate the power coming through your home or office’s powerline to prevent burnout due to a high voltage spike. The OverCurrent Protection ensures that the power circuit cannot exceed 15 amps, which could cause devices to short circuit or create dangerous temperatures that may lead to a fire.