Best Surge Protector 2020: Protect Your Gear with These Power Strips

They're a lot more than just simple power strips

While there are exceptions, most surge suppressors are pretty inexpensive. But it helps to know what to look for, and why you might want one model over another. I’ve rounded up the best surge suppressors available today, and read on afterwards for hints on what to look for when buying one for yourself.

Surge protectors aren’t sexy purchases; like replacing a stove, buying one doesn’t seem like you’re getting much for your money⁠—there are so many cooler things to invest in. But a surge protector prevents electrical surges (hence, the name) from damaging your gaming PC, gaming console, 4K TV, and myriad other sensitive electronics in your home. As such, it’s money well spent, since a surge protector can keep everything from ordinary line surges to lightning storms from blowing out your PC’s power supply or frying your laptop’s motherboard.

8. Austere VII

Best Looking Surge Protector

This is what a surge suppressor might look like if it were designed by Apple. The aesthetics may be lost if you keep your power strip behind furniture, but it’s hard to deny the beauty of this polished aluminum case with elegantly beveled edges and braided power cable.

Austere VII power

Otherwise, this is a pretty typical surge protector, though its eight outlets are generously spaced to accommodate oversize plugs. But it includes a pair of USB-A charging ports, two USB-C ports, and a 45-watt high-power USB-C for fast charging.

Austere’s rating of 4,000 joules should last longer than similar models, though when it eventually fails, it’ll continue to power your gear.