Austere's V Series Clean & Protect Premium Screen Cleaner Gives Devices Their Proper Shine

We live in a world of screens, with most of them expensive (smartphones, tablets, TVs, computers), so why not keep them pristine? Using the latest from Austere, the V Series Clean and Protect premium screen cleaner does make a difference, bringing back a perfect shine.

The safe antibacterial cleaner comes in a 7.8-ounce ergonomic tripper pump fine mist spray bottle. A dual-textured 6.7-by-6.7-inch cloth is included to clean and leave the cleaned screen streak-free. Austere developed the solution to prevent damage and keep displays shiny and clean. It's lab-tested to remove bacteria, mold, viruses and 99% effective against everyday germs.

While Windex and other household cleaners seem like the right idea, they are not. Often they are too strong and harsh, leading to damage to the outside coatings of screens. Clean and Protect is made with non-damaging scent-free ingredients.

After cleaning the screen, they recommend buffing in a small circular motion with the polished side of the cloth to get the best results.

As printed on the outside box, Austere made the solution to give your device the care it deserves, and I agree. They stand by Clean and Protect with a full lifetime money-back guarantee.

Cromify's vacuum sealer machine does a great job at sealing food, preserving food for up to five times longer and saving you money.

If you're not familiar with a food sealer, they vacuum seal virtually anything that fits (meat, fruit, vegetables, even candy) in vacuum-specific bags. It removes all the oxygen from the package, preventing mold and bacteria from growing. It also prevents freezer burn and dehydration.

The cost savings comes from food that would either be not saved or saved in a freezer bag that isn't air-tight and thrown away. With the Cromify vacuum sealer, food is sealed in airtight bags, perfect for a short stay in a refrigerator or long term in a freezer.

Using the Cromify vacuum sealer is simple. Bags come in individual sizes and rolls, which can be cut to whatever size is needed. The Cromify also has a built-in cutter.

Once you have what you want to seal, make sure it fits in the bag, put the open end into the vacuum chamber, close the lid and press the vacuum and seal button. It's that simple; a few seconds later, it's done. According to Cromify, regular meat has a freezer life of three to five months. But when vacuum-sealed, it goes up to one year. Refrigerator life goes from recommended two to three days to eight to nine days when sealed.

Some softer foods might need to be frozen before sealing; making hamburgers and sealing them individually is excellent. But if it's not frozen ahead of time, the sealer is so strong the burger shape disappears instantly.

A variety of accessories with jars, bottles, and containers are available to purchase, which can have the air removed with the Cromify vacuum sealer. Vacuum-specific bags must be used; regular everyday bags won't hold a seal. Trust me; I tried it with zip-close bags.

Twelve South’s has added a BackPack designed exclusively for a 24-inch iMac. It is a desktop space-saving custom shelf built with vents to attach to the back of an iMac stand.

It has an Apple-looking aluminum finish and stores a hard drive, hubs or other accessories. The built-in cable management contains cables while still allowing them to be connected to the computers.

Attaching the 5.125-by-4-by-.079-inch BackPack takes seconds with a two-piece saddle clip/lock holster attaching the iMac stand to support three pounds. The included peripheral strap keeps anything stored on the shelf in place.

Twelve South has BackPacks shelves for other iMac or Apple displays, holding up to 3.5 pounds. Depending on where they are needed, multiple BackPacks and be placed on the iMac stand, even using them in the front to hold a charging smartphone.

They attach with gravity and two adjustable clips, all leaving your devices scratch-free. Some BackPack models include vertical support pegs for supporting larger hard drives or even a laptop.

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