Austere VII Series USB-C Power Strip Charges Anything and Everything

Designed with simplifying your life in mind, the Austere VII Series USB-C Power Strip charges just about everything. Forget about the old surge protector you’re used to because this device should fit just about any plug. You can use it for computers, chargers, media devices, and more. It’ll all fit as it should, and you won’t have to pick and choose which outlets on your power strip you actually get to use. Additionally, you won’t need to finagle the VII Series Power Strip as it’s available in six- and eight-outlet models. With a sleek design, each Austere VII Series strip blends in with its modern surroundings. Furthermore, it delivers constant power as it can block out disturbances from other electronics in use. With surge protection and fire protection, this USB-C power strip adds convenience without any hazards.