Austere Provides Sophisticated Design and Presentation to its Home Entertainment Accessory Brand

When it comes to tech sometimes your accessories can be just as important as the devices they are connected to. Over the summer we had a chance to get a first hands on look at Austere. Austere is founded by Deena Ghazarian. She has been involved in the tech and fashion spaces for quite some time and wanted to combine those experiences into her brand Austere.

Austere is driven by the belief that what we use to power and connect our devices matters and that in a sense is true. That’s why they are touching on two big areas in the home first such as audio and home theater.

At this point somewhere in your home there is a HDMI cable being used whether it’s for your TV or even your PC. Austere has some quite elegant looking HDMI cables in its HDMI III and V series. Both feature High Fidelity ARC, aDesign connector housing, WovenArmor cabling and support 4K HDR. Only difference mostly is the III Series has 15-pin Pure Gold contacts while the V Series has 30-pin Pure Gold contacts and LinkFit locking connectors.

Austere HDMI cables Austere HDMI cables Austere HDMI cables

Now while they look nice, they also feel incredible with its braided cable feel and I always been a supporter of that with cables for a good bit. They tend to last longer and can handle more twist and turns especially over time. Austere also put great deal into the packaging so you have a nice unboxing experience every time even if its just for HDMI cables. Plugging them into different HDMI inputs they felt snug and no possibly they would come loose at any time.

When using your various devices, you want to keep them clean and Austere has that in mind with their III Series Clean & Protect Kit. If you thought the unboxing experience was superb on the cables its just as fun on the cleaning solution. It’s chemical free and anti-bacterial and makes cleaning your electronics feel fresh and new. I been using it for my TVs and PC monitor and its included dual textured cloth adds a nice soft clean finishing touch.

Austere Clean & Protect Austere Clean & Protect





Austere wants to bring that high performance to products that you may have forgotten need that sometimes need that extra touch and is now available for you to get hands on yourself.

HDMI III Series 4K HDMI Cables retails for $49.99 / $69.99 / $129.99 with 1.5m / 2.5m / 5.0m while V Series 4K HDMI Cables retails for $79.99 / $99.99 / $149.99 in sizes 1.5m / 2.5m / 5.0m.  They can be purchased on Austere , BrandsMart USA , Crutchfield , or Amazon.

III Series Clean & Protect retails for $19.99 on Austere.