Austere III, V and VII Series Power Conditioners

Austere, a manufacturer of AV accessories, has announced its new III, V and VII Series of power conditioners.

The company says that its new, affordable power conditioners are designed to blend into interior spaces by sitting flush on walls for an unobtrusive appearance. Austere states that its latest products incorporate durable, fireproof enclosures that are finished in a linear texture and they provide flameless MOV surge protection.

Communicating the products’ status is the company’s use of three blue LED light indicators that display power, proper grounding and surge protection.

Austere explains the surge protection it incorporates into the III, V and VII Series power conditioners regulates power from the incoming power line to protect plugged in components from burnout due to a high-voltage spike. All three series of products also feature the company’s OverCurrent circuitry to protect from overloads that could cause plugged-in devices to short circuit or the creation of dangerous temperatures that could lead to a fire.

Here’s a brief look at each of the product series:

Series III: This model is rated at 2,500 joules with two OmniPort USB rapid charging ports: 1 USB-C, and 1 USB-A with 2.4 shared amps of charging power.  Series III also feature Austere’s PureFiltration technology that isolates noise.

Series V: This four-outlet product offers 3,000 joules, along with the company’s PureFiltration technology; two OmniPort USB ports and a 20-watt USB-C port.

Series VII: The top-of-the-line product from Austere delivers 3.500 joules, as well as the company’s PureFiltration technology on both sides of the product, and a USB-C outlet that delivers 45-watts of power to charge a laptop without a power adapter. 

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