Austere Debuts in Australia With Audio Active

There's a stylish and high-quality new accessory brand in town headed up by Deena Ghazarian, the CEO of Austere, a brand that takes audio-video cables and accessories to a whole new level.

Ghazarian, whose passion for audio-video products that look gorgeous and perform flawlessly is globally renowned, has just announced that Audio Active will distribute the Austere range throughout Australia.

The Austere range is so beautiful and superbly made, it's poised to raise the bar considerably for all rival cable brands, along with products that clean and protect the increasingly large real estate space our giant TV screens now command.

Ghazarian is a profoundly talented designer who understands that audio-video consumers are tired of being told what they want. She would far prefer to engage with them and deliver what they need. She said:

"… we are listening to what the customer wants and not dictating it to them. One example is how we use exceptional materials and the latest innovation to ensure the best performance. Beyond that, Austere pays unique attention to the details in design." Deena continued:

"For example, packaging is so important to me. Our packaging is gorgeous with every element of its design and material handpicked for the experience."

That just has to be music to audio and videophiles' ears. What's more, Austere products are Green and made from 100% recyclable materials.

"Austere products are incredibly substantial and reusable. And it's made from 100% recycled material because Austere and our target market care about the environment. This is just an example of the meticulous choices that we make every day."

Sharing Ghazarian's ethos of listening to customers, Bruce Thierbach,  Audio Active's General Manager Sales & Marketing, is delighted with the Austere range's impeccable build quality, outstanding performance, fresh styling and affordable pricing.” He said:

“We think the same. Audio Active like Austere, puts the customer experience first. We understand what local customers and the Australian market need. Austere, like us, understands what discerning home theatre customers need to connect their systems.”  

Austere makes a complete range of products starting with the svelte III Series and V Series HDMI cables designed to look great but more importantly to work seamlessly with the most advanced AV models.

Each of these cables is equipped with Austere's unique High Fidelity ARC technology created to give us the highest-quality streaming audio currently available. As for build quality, that's answered by Kevlar reinforced windings and woven Armor cables built for flexibility, endurance and signal quality.

We said Austere models are affordable and they are: a III series 4K HDMI cable in 1.5m, 2.5m and 5m lengths starts at just $99.99. The V series in the same lengths have a starting price of $149.99, while the VII series 8K top of the line cables in 1.5 and 2.5 metre lengths and pre gold connectors range from $199.99 RRP. And in welcome news for TV owners, Austere makes a III Series clean and protect formulation for $59.99 said to combine an anti-bacterial and ammonia-free solution to kill germs and eliminate static build-up.

More products will be developed and released in 2021 with Austere's Power range also becoming available once Australian compliance has been confirmed. The rest of the Austere range will be available in Australia from November.