A Mom's Take - 14 Family Favorite Finds for Summer

Is your family ready for a full summer of adventures, opportunities to finally travel again after a long Covid break, or a simple summer from home? With this fun guide, we’re sharing 14 awesome Family Favorite Finds for Summer!

No matter where your summer will take your family, you’ll love these finds to help you make the most of the summer months this year. We’re sharing self care faves for mom, wonderful toys to entertain the kids, fashion picks you’ll love, fun games for the family, and our tech favorites below!

Starting Summer off on the Right Foot

KEEN Footwear

What better way to start summer than with brand new kicks for the whole family? We absolutely love KEEN Footwear for durable shoes for our kids that keep up with all their play. One style we tried this summer is the Big Kids’ Newport H2. They have such fun kid-friendly colors and patterns, it’s hard to pick a favorite! I love that KEEN shoes are machine washable so no matter what messes they get into, the shoes quickly look fresh and clean again.

Their summer sandals are super supportive with a full sturdy sole with traction, complete protection for their toes, and a back so they won’t slip off during their adventures. Best of all, they are so easy to get on and off and fit like a dream! And most of their styles are perfect for both in and out of water so you won’t be slowed down on your summer trips and trails.

Definite Articles

The perfect socks for summer are waiting for you at Definite Articles! They take out all the fuss of shopping for the perfect socks and just give you all the features you needs in three perfect heights to fit whatever style you’re going For. Like the No Show Sock for when you want to wear socks, but don’t need them peeking out! Or go for the ankle socks with plush cushioning and breathability. There’s also a crew cut height and a special quarter crew in kids sizes!

All Definite Articles performance wear socks are made with sustainability in mind by recycling materials and even creating a product that will naturally compose in years, not in centuries, when they’ve finished serving your needs. So not only do they look great and perform great, but the company is doing great things for our earth while they’re at it!

Tech Favorites

1MORE EVO True Wireless Headphones

Spend sometime this summer getting your to-do list tackled with the help of the 1MORE EVO True Wireless Headphones. It’s easy to slip them in and catch up on your favorite audiobook while you clean or take a phone call while you go for a walk or even start a dance party for one when you need to tune out the kids constant noise.

The EVO Headphones deliver a truly impressive audiophile sound quality with crystal clear highs and warm bass perfectly balanced by a Grammy award winning sound engineer. They have a smart QuietMax active noise cancellation technology that will adjust to your surroundings keeping your phone calls clear and letting you adjust how much background noise you want to let in so you can keep your pulse on the home while multitasking.

Austere VII Series Power Surge Protector

Summer these days look like making sure everything in your home is powered and ready to go and the Austere VII Series Power Surge Protector is making that easier than ever. It comes with multiple ways to charge up all your devices with your choice of 6 or 8 outlets and includes 2 USB-A and 3 USB-C rapid charging ports.

The VII Series Power Surge Protector uses an advanced EMI/RFI filtration to protect from external disturbances so you can use this to power all home entertainment setup and have perfect audio and video clarity with out interferences. You can also feel confident in the safety of what you have plugged in with clear icons to indicate if the main outlet you’ve plugged in the surge protector into is properly grounded and if it runs out of Joules protection. It even helps protect against home electrical fires by using flameless MOV circuits and adding thermal protection to the outlets!

Building & Imaginative Play for Summer

Kids puzzle

The kids will be entertained for hours with these fun new Plus-Plus Puzzle by Number building sets! Like this 250pc Adventure playset that includes a pattern flyer and all the pieces they will need to put together 2 different puzzles – a sword and fire. It’s easy to follow along with the guide and piece together the Plus-Plus pieces. Then, they will be able to show off what they’ve made with no glue or ironing needed!

They they are ready to move onto something else, they can break up the design and start over creating something completely different or start with a fun themed Plus-Plus Tube with directions to build a fun themed design and then lots of open ways to create any design they want afterwards!

PLAYMOBIL Violet Vale Wizard Tower playset

Your magic-loving children won’t be able to get enough of this PLAYMOBIL Violet Vale Wizard Tower playset. It comes with a fun mystical tower complete with treasures, crystals, a working cannon, and hidden secrets! It comes with 2 wizards and a sorceress play figures and tons of fun accessories to help their stories come to life including a spell book, magic stones, cauldron, lots of spell ingredients, and furnishings to decorate the space.

It’s so cool that the Violet Vale Wizard Tower can rotate and that there are hidden spaces within the tower to protect their favorite items or the magic crystal from the enemy. Of course, everyone will love the cannon that can shoot 4 colorful magic throwing projectiles to help defend the castle from attack! There are just so many fun possibilities with this playset that it’s sure to bring lots of fun imaginative play this summer.

Mom’s Self-Care for Summertime

TOCCA perfume

If you’re looking for a fresh scent for summer, look no further than TOCCA perfumes! My very favorite scent is the TOCCA Maya Eau de Parfum with it’s warm floral scent of wild iris, blackcurrant, and patchouli heart. It’s a floral scent that doesn’t smell like grandma. It’s pretty and a little flirty and works for a fun summer afternoon or an evening out on the town.

Another good choice is the TOCCA Cleopatra Eau de Parfum. It’s key notes include grapefruit, jasmine, and vanilla musk. It’s a seductive fragrance that’s warm and inviting. Designed after the Egyptian queen, Cleopatra, you’ll feel like the ancient Goddess ready to capture hearts.

Mason Grove Farm

Give your skin a sparkling glow this summer with the new Sun Up products by Mason Grove Farm. Start with the Sun Up Body Balm with a delicious vanilla citrus scent! It’s a no-mess glide-on balm that quickly absorbs into your skin to hydrate and soothe dry or itchy skin. The design makes it perfect to take along with you on summer travels!

You’ll also love the Sun Up Body Butter that comes as a tub of whipped body butter in a tub. Simply scoop a small portion onto your clean face with damp hands and work into your skin in circular motions. It will help reduce dark spots and blemishes, even out your skin tone, shrink pores, and it works to kill bacteria trapped in pores and is a natural antioxidant! You’ll end up with soft and moisturized skin ready to tackle summer.


Do you ever struggle to get enough water in during the day? Turn to Hydralyte that helps make staying hydrated easy with natural electrolyte powder mix of glucose and electrolytes that work together to hydrate you 2-3 time faster than water alone. Plus, it’s less sugar and more electrolytes than the leading sports drinks!

Start with the Hydration + Immune System Boost, Variety Pack. This set includes 7 Berry Blast Flavor and 7 Citrus Burst Flavor with a rapid hydration boost plus vitamins and minerals to help boost your daily health. It’s a great way to try both flavors and give your body a daily boost both of rehydration but to boost your immunity system before travel or when cold and flu bugs that are circling.

Fun Games for the Family

Unstable Games

From the maker of the beloved Unstable Unicorns, try one of these fun new games by Unstable Games! Try on this role-playing game came, Here to Slay. You’ll try to outwit the other players and slay a variety of monsters to gain the ultimate victory for your own hero. Can you be the first to collect a complete party of heroes or slay 3 monsters. But it’s not that easy! It’s filled with sabotage and back stabbing for a game of fun.

If you love fun and easy to understand games, then go for Happy Little Dinosaurs! It’s a game with layered strategy where you try to play the highest (or lowest) card to collect points or a disaster card to help you score later. But watch out, things are easily switched up each round with effect cards and the scoring isn’t final until there are no more effects or cards the players want to play. Will you pin a disaster on your opponent or go for the points?


We are a family that LOVES games and can’t get enough of them. They are the perfect way to gather the whole family together to the table and these fun game picks from HABA are ones your family will love this summer! First, their new The Key mystery games are a brand new spin on a classic clue game with 3 unique mysteries to solve: Theft at Cliffrock Villa, Sabotage at Lucky Llama Land, and Murder at the Oakdale Club. It’s perfect for ages 8+. Just grab a clue card matching your key color of choice and try to deduct the who dunnit with the clues you’ve drawn.

Another tried and true favorite my boys have played many, many hours of to the point where it was time for a new copy, you’ll love Karuba! It’s a tile laying puzzle game that everyone plays at the same time on a race to reach the treasure. It’s so clever and fun while letting everyone create their own unique path!

Great Picks for Kids

Bare Republic Sunscreen

If you’re spending time traveling, on-the-go, or simply out in the sun, you’ll love Bare Republic Sunscreen. Like this Mineral SPF 50 Sport Sunscreen Stick that’s small and compact and easy to take with you on any adventure. It’s an easy and mess-free way to apply sunscreen with a sheer, non-greasy mineral protection!

A perfect option for the whole family is the larger Mineral Sunscreen Stick SPF 70. It has their highest mineral protection (SPF 70) with a non-nano Zinc Oxide and no chemical actives. I love that they’ve really thought of everything. No only is it portable and easy to apply, they’ve designed in with a teardrop shape to help you cover all the nooks and crannies with ease. The water-resistant formula also helps to moisturize the skin, which is so important for sun soaked skin.


Give the kids the flexibility to listen to books, music, podcasts, recordings from loved ones – whatever they choose with Yoto! The Yoto Mini uses a set of cards to pick what they want to listen to. Easily slot in a favorite book or a make your own card with your own choice of audio files to play. It’s as easy as switching cards to pick something new to listen to designed to be easy enough for kids as young as 3!

The Yoto Mini is the perfect option for those with lots of summer adventures planned, it’s easy to take with you anywhere you go! The battery lasts up to 20 hours between charges and can easily recharge with a USB-C fast charger while in use. If you need a little silence, connect any headphones with a 3.5mm headphone jack (bluetooth headphone connection coming soon!). Join the Yoto Club to get 2 new cards to your doorstep each month at a great price!

Imani Collective

I love a little summertime room refresh! Nothing brings positive decor vibes quite like these adorable banners from Imani Collective. Handcrafted by artisans, Imani Collective banners fill any room with sunshine and positive affirmations.

I must say, my personal favorite is Imani Collective’s She is Magic Banner. I also adore their Cool Kids Live Here and Super Happy signs. I also love their other bedroom decor – throw pillows, mobiles, and fun toys. You won’t find better quality and more trendy pieces. Shop Imani Collective to fill your child’s room with sunshine and style.

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