7 Unique Movie Night Gift Basket Ideas for Christmas 2020

This holiday season, we’ll be watching movies differently. Instead of settling into a darkened theater with anticipation for the newest flick, we’ll be cuddling on the couch with the remote.

Of course, we know it’s disappointing. But here at Decider, we like to make lemonade out of lemons, or more pointedly, movie theaters out of living rooms. And, if you or a loved one are also suffering movie theater withdrawal, we want to help you create the perfect movie night gift basket to get through it all with style, grace and comfort.

You may not be able to outwardly share your emotions with fellow movie goers, but we’re pretty sure these Christmas movie gift basket ideas will help fill the silver screen hole in our collective hearts.

Austere Series V Power, $150

Austere V Series Power Surge Protector

Setting up a proper home theater can be overwhelming. But apart from finding the correct parts, from the TV to a sound bar to a streaming device to a projector, you’re also probably struggling with all those power cords. That’s where the Austere Series V power strip comes in. Not only does it include six outlets for all sized power sources, it also ingeniously incorporates five USB fast charging plugs for phones and tablets and one 45W USB-C port for laptops. But the best part of this luxe accessory is its elegant aluminum brushed housing and royal blue trim. Just because it’s tech, doesn’t mean it has to be blah.