5 Reasons You Should Buy: Austere Power's V + VII Series - "The Only Holiday Gift You Need This Season"

There’s nothing worse this time of year than dealing with traveling to see family and friends whether it’s for Thanksgiving or the winter holidays – ultimately rushing to get to the only reliable outlet in the house to charge up your gadgets. Fortunately, tech company Austere Power has come to the rescue with the most powerful multi-outlet source you’ll ever need.

Introducing the V Series and VII Series – equipped to handle any and all of your household devices. Today, check out the top five reasons this is a must-own for yourself and a must-buy for friends and family juggling tons of devices.

Reason 1 – High-Power Solution: The tech market is flooded with celebrity-endorsed Bluetooth headphones and the latest smartphone release. But what’s the common factor in all of these high-end, expensive af gadgets – they are require some serious power. Austere Power’s V and VII Series is the one and only power solution you need to get your hands on. Whether you need to power up your living room’s TV, boost up your laptop, get some juice for your phone or even recharge your portable charger – this new V Series saves the day. The days of having to decide which of your gadgets should get charged first is a thing of the past. This is next level awesomeness.

Reason 2 – Pick An Outlet: The best, best, best thing about the new V Series is ultimately how many power holes there are. Let’s keep it 100 – you can run over to any Wal-Mart or Amazon outlet to pick up a $19.99 power source – but much like driving your dad’s old station wagon or grabbing the keys to a 2020 luxury vehicle, Austere blows the competition away. For staters, you have eight traditional outlets to plug into – yes, EIGHT outlets – and that’s just for starters. If you’ve managed to get stuck with the entire family and friends all in the same room, you may breathe a breath of fresh air and check out the side panel where you can rely on two USB-A spots, two USB-C holes and finally a spot for PD.

Reason 3 – Advanced As Ever: If you’re looking for some true high-energy and mind-blowing power, then you’re going to easily be won over with the V and VII Series’ Pure Filtration. If you’re a true gamer and Digital HD watcher, you’re going to appreciate the filtration needed when powering up your 4K TV and sound system, giving you the best video and audio clarity possible. Even more powerful is the Isolated Outlet Filtration which eliminates the possibility of cross-interference between your home entertainment components. All summed up? This deserves to get the highest and strongest of your household’s powerful devices – whether that’s your iMac 27-inch computers or your 70-inch 4K Ultra HD TV sets. The V Series is here to handle the biggest and best.
Reason 4 – Safety First: There’s nothing worse than having a flimsy, always getting bent cord connecting to the wall. Whether you’re used to tripping over it, having your furry friends pull them out the wall as they rush to the door or just hate the look of your multi-outlet gadget’s look, then start geeking out because Austere Power defines itself in its overall presentation, look and – of course – safety measures. The V and VII Series both come with a braided WovenArmor power cord giving Thor-type strength and most flexibility ever. Just as awesome, the outlets are all evenly spaced letting you no longer having to jam your devices’ plugs in-between one another. In other words – you can finally squeeze your laptop cord, that humungous printer cord, Amazon Alexa cord, 4K TV cords – oh and how about all three of your Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and Xbox One cords all into the same power unit? Yup – Austere Power wins off this alone.


Reason 5 – Guaranteed: Let’s keep it 100 – there’s always going to be a little skepticism involved when you’re dropping stacks on quality – whether it’s the organic apples you’re paying more for than the all-natural ones at the grocery store or how about dishing out a few extra bucks for that vegan pizza versus the traditional slice from the local spot? Bottom line is the best things in life always cost a bit more because they’re really just that much better and rewarding. The same is true with the V Series (starting at $129) and VII Series (Starting at $179) but even more vital than this – Austere Power believes in what they’re selling ‘SOHH’ much that they give a lifetime and five-year component guarantee. That’s something you’re not going to get with that $20 power source at Wal-Mart – especially if a lightning bolt strikes and blows out your $1,200 TV, $400 video game systems and $79 Alexa. 

To learn more and purchase your own V Series + VII Series – CLICK HERE.