Why Is It Critical to Buy Surge Protection?

Most of us never think much about power. 

All you need to do is walk into your home, flip on a switch, push a button, or talk to your digital assistant, "Hey, Alexa, turn on the lights," and everything works.

The devices that drive our entertainment and work all start with a plug in the wall. Power is a necessity. As long as it faithfully charges your phones, lights up screens, or turns on the lights, who cares, right?

We wish it were that simple.

The power that comes into our homes is polluted. The electrical current you pull from your wall outlets is corrupted with excess noise that is rarely considered or detected without proper tools.

It can affect our devices in subtle or extreme ways; the choppy signal from your TV, the unstable internet connection, or the gradual degradation of your smartphone battery. You may not think that these issues have anything to do with the power coming from your wall. But the power source is a key factor determining our power-dependent devices' overall health and sustainability.

At Austere, we have taken an in-depth look at power beyond the charge to help people protect their devices from issues and dangers that dirty electricity can cause. Austere Surge Protection is an important accessory when creating a cohesive AV system at home or work.

When you buy Austere Power, you're investing in a premium product that will extend the life of devices that keep you powered and connected.

We want to ensure you get something that is More Than Expected.

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