Watch the Summer Olympics in 4K

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Can’t wait for your jaw to drop to the floor when Simone Biles perfectly executes a triple-double? Or what about catching Katie Ledecky on the starting blocks for the 200-meter freestyle? Neither can we.

And this year there is more to be excited about than the athletic prowess of Team USA because the Olympics will be broadcast live for the first-time ever in 4K in certain US markets. The 4K coverage will include fan-favorite events such as gymnastics, track & field, swimming, diving, beach volleyball, golf, tennis and others as well as the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

With 4K technology comes HDR and Dolby Atmos, which will elevate your viewing experience with dynamic imagery and premium sound, bringing you that much closer to the athletes, the venues with a stunning Japanese backdrop.

From the crystal-clear water of the aquatic center, down to a bead of sweat hitting the track, HDR (High Dynamic Range) offers a wider range of colors and greater contrast for a more lifelike picture. Hear a tennis ball make contact with the racket and the smallest splash from an Olympic diver with Dolby Atmos, a surround-sound format that creates a more immersive sound experience, with the proper equipment.

The Tokyo Olympic Games will take place from July 23-August 8. Sit back, tune in, and be immersed like you’ve never been before.


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