Unwrapping Inspiration Through Luxury Packaging This Christmas

By contributing author Sara Trujillo

Like so many, my family’s holiday season is usually chock full of small and big parties where everyone exchanges gifts, shares delicious food, cocktails and holiday treats. Not to be this year. While there are no festivities to attend, I was trying to figure out how to share our holiday baking with friends near and far. While I had a couple of holiday tins stored away, I realized I needed more this year. Not wanting to spend any more money online or go into stores unnecessarily I started to explore my options.

Setting the table for Thanksgiving and moving my temporary “home office” from the dining room (as my College student co-opted my work space home for her dorm-away-from-school), I had a eureka moment. Inspiration struck as I was putting away some product samples from my client Austere. A founding tenet of the brand is its commitment to design, which begins with the packaging and of course extends to the product itself. Constructed of recycled materials, Austere's stunning luxurious packaging was designed to be reused. Unheard of in the consumer electronics industry. This is an angle I’ve been pitching since the launch of the brand in June 2019. Once the light bulb went off, I went digging into my closets where I store (ok, “hoard,” if you ask my daughters) a variety of items I keep for “just in case.” I found a treasure trove of other product packaging that were also perfect. Several Jo Malone boxes of different sizes could accommodate cookies for a family of six and a stunning box from NEST holds just the right amount of cookies for a couple.

Austere Box Reuse - Holiday Cookies

While my spark of inspiration won’t change the world, it’s brought me a sense of satisfaction, knowing that the beautiful, indulgent boxes I’d saved judiciously over the years could hopefully spread some Christmas cheer and bring a smile to someone’s face!

Happy Holidays.

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