The Ultimate Guide to Perfect Pairings with Austere Power

In today's world, where our usage of electronic devices is ever-increasing, a dependable surge protector is an absolute must-have. The shortcomings of the power grid that many U.S. cities experience have only heightened our awareness of the need for safe and reliable ways to keep our devices powered and charged. Austere has a wide range of surge protectors that complement various devices in different rooms and multi-functional spaces in your home. Let's delve into the perfect pairings for Austere Power across every room of your household.

Home Theaters: Safeguard Your Entertainment Oasis

Your home theater is a haven for cinephiles and TV enthusiasts, and you've likely invested in top-notch AV equipment. Austere creates surge protectors with high Joule ratings to shield your cherished home theater setup.

Joules, a measure of surge protection energy, is pivotal in selecting the right surge protector for your setup. The higher the Joule rating, the better the surge protector can handle power surges. For your 4K HDTV, Austere suggests the VII Series 4-Outlet Power with a 3500 Joules rating for sets under $1,500 and the VII Series Power 6&8 Outlets with a 4000 Joules rating for 4K HDTVs over $1,500 and 8K HDTVs.

Our 4-Outlet Power offers protection and seamlessly pairs with your wall-mounted TV, sitting flush with the wall and fitting discreetly into the tightest spaces.

Another aspect of Austere Power that revolutionizes your home theater is PureFiltration. PureFiltration acts like a protective force field to prevent harmful noise on the power line from degrading your sensitive electronics and home theater experience. This not only prolongs your device's lifespan but also ensures you receive the total value of the improved picture and sound quality you've invested in for your home theater system. All Austere Power offers unbeatable value when it comes to cutting-edge noise filtration, no matter what your budget is. So you can enjoy crystal-clear video and sound without breaking the bank.

Finally, but most importantly, TV Manufacturer warranties rarely cover surges. Purchasing a surge protector with a high Joule rating and PureFiltration is a prudent investment to shield your television and audio equipment effectively.

Home Offices: Power Up Your Productivity

The rise of remote work has transformed our homes into offices. As you focus on productivity, don't underestimate the significance of a reliable power source. Austere's VII Series Power is the perfect companion for your home office.

Austere SmartFit outlets

In addition to SmartFit outlets, these power strips feature 2 USB-A and 3 USB-C rapid-charge ports. This means you can simultaneously power and charge all your devices, from laptops to smartphones. But it doesn't end there - a USB-C 45W PD (Power Delivery) port provides extra-fast charge and eliminates the need for bulky transformers when charging your laptop and handheld devices.

For those seeking a more compact solution, Austere recommends our VII Series 4-Outlet Power with 1 USB-C PD 45W, 1 USB-C PD 20W, and 1 USB-A port for charging and powering your devices efficiently.

Multi-Use Rooms: Versatility Meets Style

Not every room in your home serves a single purpose. Multi-use rooms are adaptable spaces for various activities. Whether you're powering up an Apple TV in your bedroom or an Amazon Alexa in your den, Austere's surge protectors provide peace of mind for you and your devices. Flameless MOVs and OverCurrent Protection ensure that powerful surges will not result in a dangerous fire.

Austere power

Austere's V Series Power products, available with 4-outlets, 6-outlets, or 8-outlets, offer a perfect blend of performance and style at an accessible price. These surge protectors safeguard your devices and add a touch of sophistication to your room's aesthetics.

Austere III series 4 outlet

A perfect compliment for any room in the house, we highly recommend utilizing our III Series 4-Outlet Power. It boasts a substantial 2500 Joules rating and incorporates advanced safety features to guarantee your home is shielded against potent power surges. 

Gaming: Elevate Your Gaming Experience

For avid gamers, an uninterrupted experience is paramount. Austere's VII Series 4-Outlet Power is specially designed for gamers, featuring a 45W & 20W USB-C PD Port for charging your Nintendo Switch or other portable devices while efficiently powering and safeguarding your gaming setup.

Austere wall power

These surge protectors fit discreetly in tight spaces or behind furniture, ensuring your gaming setup remains organized and clutter-free

Bedside: Peaceful Sleep, Worry-Free Charging

Your bedside is not only where you rest but also where you charge your essential devices like phones and tablets. Austere recommends our III Series 4-Outlet Power with 1 USB-C and 1 USB-A, our V Series 4-Outlet Power with a 20W USB-C PD, or our VII Series 4-Outlet Power with a 20W & a 45W USB-C PD ports for your bedside, depending on your needs.


These surge protectors ensure rapid overnight charging for your devices and provide peace of mind by protecting against powerful surges. 

Reliable power protection is a necessity in every room of the house. Austere Power Products are designed with your family and home in mind, offering protection, style, and convenience. Invest in the perfect pairing for your devices and enjoy peace of mind while using them throughout your home.

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