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The shift to living, working, learning, and entertaining from home has only increased our reliance on power-dependent devices in every room of the home. And the shortcomings of the power grid that many U.S. cities experience has only heightened our awareness of the need for safe and reliable ways to keep all of our devices powered and charged. Designed with you, your family, and your home in mind, Austere Power products deliver just that.

Austere Surge Protectors are perfectly paired with devices in the following rooms and multi-use spaces:

Home Theaters

Austere Surge Protector for Home Theater

The most important function of a surge protector is to protect your equipment. When shopping for a surge protector you will want to pay special attention to the Joules rating.

You might be wondering what a Joule is? It’s a measurement of energy. For example, one Joule is the amount of energy required to pick an apple up for one second. So, one Joule is not a lot of energy. While any device that gets plugged into an AC outlet can benefit from surge protection, the higher the value of your equipment, the higher the surge protector Joule rating you’ll want.

A common question we hear is, how many Joules do I need to protect my TV? For HDTVs it is best to consider the highest Joule ratings – at least 2000.

Austere recommends the V Series Power (3000 Joules) for 4K HDTVs less than $1,500 and VII Series Power (4000 Joules) for 4K HDTVs more than $1,500 and 8K HDTVs.

Also important to note – your HDTV is not covered from surges and spikes by manufacturer warranties – none are - so investing in a surge protector with a high Joule rating is the best thing you can do to safeguard your television.

Home Offices

Austere Power Strip for Home Office

With remote working and learning came a need for the right tools and equipment to be productive from home. One item frequently left out of the home office equation is power.

Even if you are using a power strip, it may not be protecting your equipment and its unlikely that it has the ports needed to charge all of your devices.

Austere recommends the VII Series Power for any work-from-home or virtual-learning setup. In addition to the SmartFit outlets, our power strips feature 2 USB-A and 3 USB-C rapid-charge ports so you can simultaneously power and charge all your devices. The third USB-C 45W PD port, a step-up feature of the VII Series model, provides an extra fast charge and eliminates the need for a cumbersome transformer when charging a laptop.

Multi-Use Rooms

Austere Power Surge Protector

The need for safe and reliable power extends beyond the home theater and home office. Whether you are powering an Apple TV in your bedroom, Amazon Alexa in your den, or a new PS5 in your game room, plugging all devices into a surge protector will provide peace of mind that they, and you, are protected.

And because we recognize that power products are not always easily concealed, we’ve prioritized designing an elegant product that looks great, even in high visibility locations. 

Austere recommends our V Series Power products, available with 6- or 8-outlets, for performance and style at an accessible price.   


If you have any additional questions about which Austere products would be best for your home please contact, our team would love to help.

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  • Jun Rai

    using surge protectors is really an investment nowadays, for family’s safety and protection. I use Panther anyways

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