Keeping Things Clean with Austere Clean & Protect

CLEAN (adjective) free from dirt, marks, or unwanted matter

PROTECT (verb) to keep safe from harm

The fact is that all surfaces get dirty. And dirt provides a place for bacteria and viruses to thrive. Just as bad, harmful contaminants can damage surfaces functionally and cosmetically. 

Screens have become a part of our everyday lives. Think about how much time you spend watching television and in front of a computer. What about the time spent handling your phone, tablet, laptop or any other touchscreen? Screens are also common in IoT products, such as workout equipment and even refrigerators and kitchen appliances.

It’s time we give the same attention to cleaning our electronic devices as we do to washing our hands and sanitizing common surfaces in our homes. The last thing you want to do is to damage your expensive TV or mobile device while trying to clean it and it’s no longer an option to not clean it. That’s why we created Austere Clean & Protect.

Our team has formulated Clean & Protect to both clean and disinfect without damage. During development, we performed exhaustive testing to ensure that the formulation was truly best-in-class and More Than Expected when compared to other screen cleaners – most of which do not have anti-bacterial agents.  But we didn’t stop there. The bottle is an easy-trigger pump sprayer and comes with a dual-sided cloth that cleans and polishes your screen and surface.

screen cleaner testing

We tested various solutions to find the perfect one for your screens.

Here is what makes Austere Clean & Protect unique: 

Austere Clean & Protect

While it may temporarily remove fingerprints, simply wiping down your screens with a towel is not enough to ensure a lint-free and smudge-free result nor does it remove germs. And because traditional cleaning agents that disinfect may be harmful to your electronics, it is important to use a solution that is specifically designed for your sensitive devices.

Our professional-quality display cleaner only uses gentle, non-damaging ingredients. The ammonia- and alcohol-free solution will eliminate static build-up while also preventing screen streaks and fingerprints without harming your electronics. Properly cleaned screens result in a higher quality picture to enhance your user experience.

Austere Clean & Protect - Anti-Bacterial

Unlike most products on the market, Austere Clean & Protect is formulated with anti-bacterial agents to eliminate common germs. In addition to screens, it can be used to clean keyboards, mice and even mobile cases, making it a great multi-purpose solution. Taking a minute to disinfect your devices gives you peace of mind that the items you and your family interact with everyday are safe.

Just like hand washing, we want to encourage a routine of cleaning the screens and devices that you interact with every day.

Austere Clean & Protect - Clean & Polish Cloth

Equal care went in to designing the cloth as the cleaner itself. Our micro-fiber dual-textured cloth is scratch free, streak free and lint free, making it ideal for cleaning your display gently and thoroughly. The foam core gives it a nice flat cleaning surface which further reduces the possibility of scratching glossy plastic or glass surfaces.

Austere Clean & Protect - dual-sided cloth testing

Our design team prioritized finding the best cloth to care for and protect your precious electronics. 

For best results, turn electronics off before cleaning. Spray solution directly on the “CLEAN” side of the provided cloth and gently wipe the screen. Next, flip the cloth over to the “POLISH” side and gently buff to perfection. Only use the provided cloth the clean your electronics. We also think it’s important to mention that the micro-fiber cleaning cloth included with the product is machine washable, making it an environmentally friendly approach over disposable cleaning cloths.

Austere Clean & Protect can be purchased on Amazon and 

Here's to clean, germ-free and beautiful screens and devices!

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