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It’s that time of year again. Appetizers galore, friends all around, and the sound of cheering (or screaming). No, not New Years, we’re past that, it’s Super Bowl time!! 

Let’s look at how Super Bowl tech has evolved over the years and how you can kick your Super Bowl Sunday experience up a notch at home.


Since the first Super Bowl aired in 1967, there have been many improvements and innovations to elevate your viewing experience.

Technology is constantly evolving to bring the game into your living room. 


What if we couldn’t review that touchdown? Until 1986, instant replay wasn’t an option. It began with walkie talkies and stopwatches, to nine inch monitors in skyboxes, to high definition replays with multiple angles using 360 degree HD cameras for officials to review. 

The amount of cameras and angles used to capture this special Sunday each year, have grown. When the Super Bowl first kicked-off there were only 11 cameras used and two television production trucks. In 2021 there were more than 120 cameras used and 19 production trucks.

Here are three of the different cameras used in Super Bowl Sunday production:

  • The Trolley Cam is able to zipline over the stadium from one end to the other, giving an unparalleled viewing angle of a fan eating a hot dog in the fifth row on the 20 yard line. 
  • The Venice Cameras, used for the first time at Super Bowl LV, provided a cinematographic feel with full-frame, short-depth shorts.

  • The Movie Bird Crane, also used at Super Bowl LV, 53ft. Tall AR-enabled camera to show game action.


Thanks to the invention of new camera technology, spectators can experience Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality allowing them a player’s eye view of the hustle.

Last year Verizon brought Raymond James stadium to life on Fortnite as a COVID friendly way of bringing fans together. 5G technology has also been used in GPS apps to help spectators navigate the field and live-stream the action.


Similar to cameras and other tech gadgets used for the Super Bowl, there have been many upgrades in sound reinforcement and Halftime Show elements over the years. 

Halftime artist

At Super Bowl L, JBL’s VerTec line array loudspeakers were used for pregame and halftime performances. There were 18 ATK Audiotek carts each loaded with four to five VerTec 4889 large-format line array speakers, 84 in total, and two VerTec 4880A dual 18-inch subwoofers, 36 in total, used. Then for Super Bowl Llll, JBL’s Professional VTX A12 and A8 line array speakers were used for Maroon 5’s Halftime Show performance to provide premium full-range sound reinforcement.

The Super Bowl halftime show is a technological feat in and of itself. Previously having used 565 multimedia tiles, eight 4K LED Processors, four 4K video feeds, 24 lasers, and 5,350 pieces of pyrotechnics.

This year’s Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show will feature: Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog, Eminem, Mary J. Blige and Kendrick Lamar. The show will support the launch of a magnet high school, Regional School #1, in South Los Angeles. The school will be part of the LA Unified School District and is based on the USC Iovine and Young Academy, founded by Jimmy Iovine and Andre “Dr. Dre”. This is a program that offers a unique educational model focused on the theme of Integrated Design, Technology, and Entrepreneurship.


There have been many improvements made to Super Bowl tech over the years. But, what if you could improve your Super Bowl experience as a spectator at home all on your own?

Using Austere’s premium designed products you can bring the stadium to you for every game, not just on Super Bowl Sunday.

Want better picture and audio quality?

Austere HDMI cables

Connect from source to TV with Austere HDMI to see every bit of action with vivid colors, faster refresh rates, and High Dynamic Range. Austere Certified HDMI cables deliver a More Than Expected audio experience when you connect your TV to a premium soundbar. Pairs perfectly with a JBL soundbar. Don’t let sub-par cables limit your system’s ability to deliver the peak performance you expect from your displays and devices. To help you choose the right cable for your system’s needs check out our HDMI Cable Buying Guide.

Protect and improve your system’s performance

Austere power strip

A reliable power surge protector can dramatically improve your system’s performance. Using our PureFiltration technology, Austere Power products insulate the power signal from external electro-magnetic and radio frequency interference. Not only does interference impact your audio and video experience, but more importantly it can hinder equipment performance and degrade the life of your electronics over time. Enjoy enough plugs to power all of your products. Be good to your HDTV and components – give them protected and filtered Austere Power! 

Want a dust free screen to avoid, even a speck, interrupting your view?

Clean and protect

Here is a cleaner designed for your HDTV (but just as effective on your PC, tablet or phone). Austere Clean & Protect’s gentle solution and microfiber dual-textured cloth will leave your screen streak free for a picture-perfect game day. Checkout these tips for How to Clean Your TV.

Whether you’re an avid football fan, where Super Bowl Sunday is a religious holiday in your household, or only there for the commercials, get the full experience with these few easy upgrades!

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