Clean & Protect Your Devices This Back-To-School Season

We touch tons of surfaces every day, from the screen we sign to pay for lunch, to the stubborn office elevator button we need to press 10 times. But we touch nothing as often as we touch our phones. 

According to recent studies, Americans are checking their phones anywhere from about 50 to 100 times a day, and pressing and swiping over 2,500 times per day. While other studies have shown that our phones are germier than a toilet seat.

That’s a few too many opportunities for germs to spread.

Our phones, tablets, laptops, remotes, and cases are items we use every day, but do you clean them every day? Austere Clean & Protect makes cleaning your devices simple. 

The Austere Research and Development Team formulated Clean & Protect to effectively clean and kill bacteria and viruses, while also eliminating static and streaking. The formula was created for large format Ultra HD Televisions, computer monitors, keyboards, and other hand-held devices. We examined different formulas and the effectiveness to deliver a cleaning solution that gives your devices the care they deserve.

Our Clean & Protect is a soap-based formula, meaning there are no harsh chemicals that will damage your screens. Our solution also protects against the four common strains of bacteria (SDS):  E-Coli, Strep, and two bacterial yeast strains that cause the influenza virus or common flu.

Keep the germs away and seasonal illnesses at bay this back-to-school season with Austere Clean & Protect.

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