Breaking Down PureFiltration in Austere Power

Not everyone knows that you need a surge protector for your home entertainment system and home office. They also don’t realize that not all power products are created equal.

We sat down with Deena Ghazarian, Austere founder & CEO, to learn more about one of the amazing features of the new lineup of 4-Outlet Power, PureFiltration.

What is PureFiltration?

PureFiltration has been in our products since the beginning with Austere Power.  So, let’s break it down to better understand the value of having filtration in your home theater system.

Austere PureFiltration acts like a protective force field to prevent harmful noise on the power line from degrading your sensitive electronics and home theater experience.

Imagine that you and all of your friends within six blocks of your home are all sharing that same power grid. Everything they're using emits noise back onto that power grid and then comes into your home.

What would put noise on a power grid? Your vacuum, microwave, washer and dryer, compressor on your refrigerator turning on and off all day, and your air conditioning and heater unit. Those devices put noise onto the power line and since we are an ever-exploding country and the power grid for this country was built in the 60s, you can only imagine how we are taxing it.

What does Austere Power do? Imagine where your power comes in from the wall you plug in an Austere Power of any type. A force field goes into play and does not allow any of that noise into your home, which then powers up and protects your television, your soundbar, your receiver, and your gaming unit.

Why does PureFiltration matter?

The noise will put, what is best described as, dirt or electronic rust back into your home theater experience. You do not want that. That will degrade the life of your product and what should last you a good seven years will probably last less due to the dirty noise hurting your system. 

The second thing that it does, besides extending the life of your device, is it gives you a clearer picture and better sound that you're paying for in regards to the performance of your home theater system.

Breaking Down PureFiltration 

Let’s break it down between our Type l, Type ll, and Type lll.

Type l

PureFiltration Type l, which you find in our lll Series Power 4-Outlet,  is the basic primary level of EMI and RFI filtration to minimize the effects of electrical line noise.

The manufacturers have a basic level that they require and our lll Series at a minimum hits that primary level. Some major TV manufacturers will void your warranty if your device is not plugged into surge protection. No matter what you buy or what you use within hardware,  our lll Series Power 4-Outlet will protect at what the level manufacturers expect for that hardware. 

Type ll 

In true Austere style, we couldn’t leave you with a basic option, we need to provide you with a step-up device. In our V Series Power 4-Outlet we added extra circuits to provide better inductance and capacitance to filter out more irregularities for a superior level of performance and a better life expectancy.

Type lll

Now, what would a Vll Series do that would make it even better than that? On top of the awesome “force field” filtration that you would get from the V Series, our Vll Series has an isolated filtration bank to separate your video componentry from your audio componentry.

Why would we do that? Well, guess what, the audio devices you put back into your system have digital noise and when plugged into a surge protector, the noise will go back into that unit unless you isolate those banks.

Austere VII power

In our Vll Series Power 4-Outlet we have a video side and we have an audio side that will allow that filtration to happen. The noise from the audio doesn't affect your video hardware product and that separation will provide an extra level of filtration. This helps ensure that you keep those devices lasting as long as they can and provides the best performance. Our Vll Series Power 4-Outlet is the premium level of filtration for your home theater system.

Meet the needs of your home theater system with Austere 4-Outlet Power to keep your devices protected and living longer with the best performance possible.

Make sure you are protecting your home and devices properly. One way to do so is by using surge protection throughout your home or anywhere you have high-voltage devices. 

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