Austere Father's Day Gift Guide

Looking for a More Than Expected Father’s Day gift? We’ve got you covered!
Austere tech accessories are a gift Dad doesn’t know he wants but definitely needs for ultimate performance.

For the Gamer

PlayStation5 Austere 8K HDMI Cable

If you’re dad is an avid gamer and has upgraded his gaming setup with either the PS5 or Xbox Series X/S, an Austere 8K Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable would make a perfect gift. Our 8K cable boasts a graphics rich bandwidth of 48Gbps to support 8K60 and 4K120 frame rates for unparalleled gameplay. And with enhanced media features including Variable Refresh Rate, Auto Latency Mode, Quick Media Switching and Quick Frame Transport, performance of dad’s favorite video games could not be any smoother.

For the Movie Buff

Marvel Austere Power Surge Protector

If your dad loves his movies and picture and sound quality mean everything, then Austere Power is the gift for him. Our Power products have state-of-the-art filters to eliminate EMI – or Electromagnetic Interference – disturbances that occur when devices are in close proximity. EMI can harm sensitive electronics and disrupt any home theater system. Don’t let dad compromise his at-home viewing experience. Gift him Austere Power for the best possible picture and sound; every movie, every time.

For the Audiophile 

Audio Speaker  Austere Banana Adapters and Speaker Cable

At Austere, we’ve got audiophiles covered. From our Optical audio cable to premium Banana Adapters and Speaker Cable, our audio products are a must-have for all home audio enthusiasts. All cables are intentionally designed with unmatched flexibility and slim construction for easy installs behind audio components and TVs. And infused with superior audio innovations, our cables will bring dad’s sports, music and movies to life.

For Any Tech Obsessed Dad 

Want to let dad shop for himself? Austere gift cards are always a great choice.

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