Achieving the Ultimate Home Theater Experience

To get the most out of your home theater system, there are several important, but often overlooked, questions you should ask yourself:

What devices am I connecting to my HDTV? Streaming device, gaming console, soundbar, etc.?
How am I protecting my HDTV and connected components?
What am I using to clean my HDTV?

We’ve designed the Austere Collections with these questions in mind and to make amplifying your home theater setup as easy as possible. Both our Collections include a III Series 4K HDMI Cable, V Series 6-Outlet Power surge protector and III Series Clean & Protect.

Austere Collection

All three products are guaranteed to maximize the performance of your HDTV and other AV components. Here are the top three features of each:


Austere HDMI Cable
4K High Dynamic HDR

Many people don’t know what version of HDMI they have. There have been 13 versions of HDMI since its inception. If your cable is a few years old there’s a very good chance it isn’t the latest version and won’t support 4K HDR, meaning you’ll lose the deeper color and contrast that your HDR television is capable of providing.

High Flex Cable

Our HDMI cables are intentionally designed to be super thin and flexible, making cable management and hook ups extremely easy.

WovenArmor Cable with Kevlar

We’ve also designed our cables to be durable. We weave Kevlar into the cable’s jacket for added strength. This unique feature also insulates the signal from electromagnetic and radio frequency interference for crystal-clear picture and sound.

Power Surge Protector

Austere Power Surge Protector
3K Joules Surge Protection

Job one of any surge protector is its ability to handle a surge. There’s a problem with surge protectors in general. Just like tires on a car, they will wear down over time. Each time your household gets hit with small electrical spikes, your surge protector sacrifices Joules to protect the connected components. Once your unit’s Joules are depleted, your system is no longer protected. At 3000 Joules, our V Series surge protector provides longer-lasting protection than your average power strip. If you have’nt bought a new surge protector in more than a year, chances are you’re out of Joules. The good news is if you buy an Austere power unit, you are covered by our guarantee for at least the next five years.

Flameless MOV Protection

The Metal Oxide Varistor, also known as a MOV, is what absorbs and dissipates over current voltage that comes through your home electrical line. The problem with MOVs is when they’re exposed to a long and powerful surge, they overheat and can and do catch fire. Our design team created a special covering for the MOV in our Power product that proves flameless protection to defend your home and family from an electrical fire.


If you love a great home theater experience, then you’ll want to take every opportunity to reduce excessive digital noise. Our PureFiltration technology is like a forcefield that defends harmful noise that will degrade your sensitive electronics and ruin your home theater experience.

Clean & Protect

Austere Clean & Protect
No Harsh Chemicals

Our alcohol and ammonia free solution uses gentle, non-damaging ingredients to protect your screen’s sensitive surface and maintain the integrity of its protective coating.


Unlike most products on the market, Austere Clean & Protect is formulated with anti-bacterial agents to eliminate common germs. Our solution has been independently tested and proven more than

99% effective against Influenza, Pneumonia, Staph and E. Coli. It also removed media in which bacteria and other contaminants can grow.

Clean & Polish Cloth

Scratch free, streak free, and lint free, our dual-textured cloth is ideal for cleaning your TV gently and thoroughly for a picture-perfect screen.


And there you have it. Three products for connecting, protecting and cleaning your HDTV. Here’s to an ultimate home theater experience every time you turn on your system.

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