A Closer Look At Power Delivery

You're shopping for a new Austere surge protector and see a USB-C port with a PD 45W label.

What is PD 45W, and do you need it?

PD stands for Power Delivery and is a relatively new option for charging your USB devices. Many are familiar with USB-A and USB-C charging ports, but did you know many variables come into play when determining how much power your charger can output?

You may receive between two to ten watts of charging power. The lower the wattage, the longer it will take to charge your device, which sets the stage for Power Delivery, also known as PD - the fastest and safest way to charge your USB-C devices. 

Available in 20-watt or 45-watt PD, depending on your Austere Power center:
Austere V Series Power 4-Outlet \\ 20W
Austere VII Series Power 4-Outlet \\ 20W & 45W
Austere VII Series Power 6-Outlet \\ 45W
Austere VII Series Power 8-Outlet \\ 45W

    Plug your device in like you usually would, and you'll charge up to nine times faster than a traditional USB-C charger. There's no need to worry about overcharging your device. 

    The Austere USB-C PD charging port is 47% faster than a standard power supply—allowing your device to determine power draw and support rapid charging. This efficiency also reduces power consumption and helps keep a healthy battery life for your device. 

    For devices that do not leverage PD, Austere OmniPort USB is still 34% faster than a standard power supply. OmniPort provides a safe and regulated 5V USB standard (the industry standard for years) while protecting your device from the risk of over-current damage.

    With the prevalence of USB devices that need charging throughout the day, Austere Power Delivery is an excellent addition to every room in the house. Now you know what PD is, do you want it? Yes, absolutely.

    Visit us at Austere.com.

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