A Closer Look At Austere’s Component Guarantee

Let’s take a closer look at the Austere Component Guarantee, what it means to you, and the value of the Power products you buy from us.

Austere Component Guarantee

lifetime guarantee is provided for all Austere products, and in addition, Power products are covered by our Component Guarantee.

Why is it important to you?

The Austere Component Guarantee promises that our Power products are responsible for any damage to a plugged-in device; we will replace that device, regardless of its value, for up to a certain number of years. 

The number of years of coverage depends on the model:


Austere Component Guarantee


What does the Component Guarantee cover?

The connected component devices that are generally suited to be used with Austere products of the same kind meet the requirements of all applicable laws and safety standards. 

What does that mean? Your TV, computer, or any similar device that you would want to use with your TV or computer. It does not cover a Tesla car or other products that wouldn't go in a typical home theater or office setup.


Austere products


A component-connected guarantee will ensure that Austere covers those devices plugged into Austere Surge Protection correctly. So, if connected component damage were to happen, physical damage to the connected components would be caused by a product defect, transient AC power, or lightning surge while connected to a properly installed product.

Plugging an extension cord into an Austere surge protector, then into another extension cord and daisy chaining, will void the Component Guarantee. You must plug devices directly into Austere Power so it can adequately protect them. Austere Power must also be plugged into a properly grounded outlet source. 

Extension cords

Not having everything connected to Austere Power properly can allow a surge or spike to get through. Our connected component damage will not protect you if you are having damage caused by a defect or unrelated damage to the connected component because lightning or surge went through it, which wasn't protected correctly by our product.

How to submit a component guarantee claim

If you need to submit a Component Guarantee claim, please reach out to Austere support at support@austere.com or by phone at +1 (855) 672-0684.

Our team will work with you to get all the information necessary to investigate the claim and test any malfunctioning devices to determine the cause of the issue. We are here to make sure that you feel comfortable when you have products plugged into the devices. We are here to keep you safe.

You can always visit our website and review our warranty program to learn more.

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